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Being a conservative woman is great, but sometimes it can be tiring dealing with the constant one-liners liberals throw at us. Whether we hear these comments online, at school, or even at family parties, sometime we just need to laugh them off and understand that we are not alone.

1) “You are only a Republican because your daddy is”


Conservative women are strong and more than capable of thinking for ourselves… just like you are.


2) “Why do you hate yourself?”


This is usually brought up when talking about abortion and our pro-life stance. Well, what about the right of the unborn child to live? But don’t worry, we can be pro-choice, too–when it comes to our choice to have a concealed carry permit.


3) “You are so uneducated.”


Since when did having a different opinion mean than you mean that I am uneducated?


4) You hate immigrants.


No we don’t, we just think that if you are going to come to this great nation, you should do so legally.


5) “You are so racist!”


This usually comes about when many have no other things to say.  Remind me again which party freed the slaves and gave them Constitutional rights? Oh yeah, the Republican Party.


6) “Hey (insert correct pronoun), don’t you want free college?”


Sorry to burst your bubble. Your college would be paid for through taxes, which would still mean that someone out there is paying for you to go to school.


7) “If you’re a Republican, you must be rich”


I would be if I got a dollar for every time I heard this.


8)  “The GOP is made up of old, white men.”


Look at the 2016 election. The Republican Party had an incredibly diverse field of candidates–a woman, two Latinos, an African-American, and an Indian-American. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, had two old, rich, white people. But like, diversity, am I right?


9) “You only get your news from right wing propaganda sites and channels”


Many of us like hearing different views by watching CNN, NBC, and yes, even reading the Huffington Post. We will read and listen to many different outlets…regardless of their slant.

10) “What about the poor people?”


Yes, us Republicans hate poverty so much that we want to eliminate it. The only way to achieve this is through free markets and capitalism, not more government programs.

Michele D.
Michele is a contributor from Los Angeles CA. When she is not doing homework or at school she is either kickboxing, watching NCIS:LA, or on FFL.

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