On January 15th, a new film was released that is making waves. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is the latest Michael Bay film, and details the events surrounding September 11th, 2012, which, as we all know now, were NOT caused by any film or video.

Here are 13 reasons you need to see 13 Hours

1. What other film portrays such a recent event in our nation’s history?

The attack on Benghazi took place just over three years ago, and is still fresh in the nation’s mind as we hear talks of the Benghazi committee in Congress and what it could mean for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. This is not a historical movie, nor it is fictional, but ripped straight from the headlines, and straight at the heart of the issue.

2. We get to hear from someone other than the liberal media about the attacks.

The majority of the information we have received about the attack on Benghazi has come straight from the Obama administration or their subsidiaries in the liberal media. Finally, someone outside of the control of the Oval Office is telling the story, and we are listening.

3. The timing is perfect

A film that reminds everyone of one of Hillary’s biggest failures as Secretary of State coming out a few weeks before Iowa? We couldn’t ask for better timing. Before you let your liberal friend cast their vote for Hillary, remind them of Benghazi with this film, and see if they still accept her horrible excuses and “perfect” record.

4. Those men are real heroes

The true “Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” are real life, red-blooded, breathing men who risked their lives for their country. They deserve to be immortalized as heroes and remembered along with the four men who lost their lives that night.

5. The CIA doesn’t like it.

Of course, this movie poses a real problem for the CIA, especially with orders to “stand down”. Seeing the CIA try and cover their tracks on whether or not that order was given is interesting, to say the least.  A CIA spokesman went so far as to call it a “distortion” so you know they must be panicking.

6. The story isn’t as political as it seems

So many people want to make what happened in Benghazi a political issue but when it comes right down to it, people lost their lives that night. American citizens lost their lives, and whether you like it or not, that is an issue that effects all of us. The movie took a very middle of the line approach and represented the universality of the issue very well. Clinton is not a character in the film. Bay simply presents the story of the men as they told it.

7. The movie is not just benefitting Hollywood

We all know that Hollywood has too much money for its own good. The premier of 13 Hours decided to give back by giving some of the proceeds from the event, which had over thirty thousand fans in attendance, to groups that give back to others, including the Shadow Warriors Project.

8. Real courage is a gift

The word “courage” is, in my opinion, thrown around too loosely these days. Doing something outside of the norm is not nearly as courageous as putting your life on the line for your country, simple as that.  I love a good movie that captures and highlights real courage, because we need to see a lot more of that in our world.

9. Bay doesn’t trivialize the story

So many films that adapt true stories to the big screen end of trivializing the story to sell tickets, and 13 Hours avoided that beautifully. The story is rich and vibrant on its own, a true story that thrills on its own, without the need to trivialize the story into a blockbuster box. 

10. Jihadists are the bad guys

Has anyone ever doubted that? We get all caught up in wanting to blame the CIA and Hillary Clinton for the lack of security and their actions after the attack, but we cannot forget the horrible jihadists who perpetrated those attacks and killed four American citizens, including Ambassador Stevens. As much as you may dislike Hillary or the CIA, jihadists are the real villains in this story.

11. John Krasinksi

His performance was surprisingly good, and I was certainly not expecting it.  Based on the few episodes of The Office I have seen, I was certainly taken back by his performance and, lets be honest here, his body. The training he put into his physique definitely showed, and made him look much more like a former Navy SEAL than I had anticipated.

12. The liberal media hates it

Isn’t that reason enough for Conservatives to get behind something? The liberal media claims this movie is clearly political, polarizing, and even a “conspiracy theory,” which horrendously discounts the stories of the men who are at the center of this film. If the liberal media can’t believe the real accounts of the contractors who were there, who do they believe? 

13. It is 2.5 hours away from primary season

With Iowa just a few weeks away, it feels like all that anyone can talk about is the presidential primary. It is extremely important, yes, but sometimes, we need a break. 13 Hours is a long two and a half hours of movie, but extremely worth it when you consider the story being told, the sacrifice of the men who fought and died in Benghazi, and the break from the crazy world of primaries.

BONUS. The book

13 Hours was first published in September of 2014 and is written by Mitchell Zuckoff, who based the narrative off the testimony and interviews of surviving contractors from the attacks, which is translated well into the movie. If you liked the movie, you’ll love the book, though it make take you more than two and a half hours to get through. If you’re still looking for that break from primary season, or trying to read more as a New Years resolution, I highly recommend you check out 13 Hours, the book.