We all strive to be successful. We all look to other women as role models for success, and seek to find success in our own lives. But how do we achieve that? Success means something different for everyone, but conservative women have something in common. These are 7 habits of successful conservative women that you would be wise to adopt to your own life in search of success.

1) Write thank you notes

Successful conservative women know how to be grateful, and express that to others.  Writing thank you notes is a habit that everyone, young and old, can adopt.  Sending a simple thank you note is an easy, but meaningful way to show your appreciation for a person, a gift, a service, etc. Doing a thank you note is not only a way to show gratitude.

2) Give back

There is nothing more refreshing to the soul then giving back to the community you call home. Successful conservative women know that throwing money at government programs is not the right way to give back. Giving back sometimes means getting your hands dirty. Giving back means doing the work, putting in the time and effort, and seeing the reward first hand in someone’s life or in your community. Give back at your local soup kitchen, a nearby homeless shelter, a hospital, or by raising funds for a local non-profit. There is no limit to the ways you can give back.

3) Network

Networking is essential. Successful conservative women know that the way to work your way up in the world is to network with other like-minded people, and people who think every differently then you, and help them if you want them to help you. View networking as a way to make friends and make way for new opportunities. You don’t need to step on other people to get to the top. The key to building yourself up is building relationships with others.

4) Debate your beliefs

Successful conservative women are not afraid to tell you that they are just that, conservative. Debating your beliefs will not only strengthen them, but it may convince someone else to come to your side. Do not shy away from debating your beliefs, no matter the forum.  You have every right to be a conservative, no matter your gender, your race, your sexual orientation, or your religion.

5) Budget

Successful conservative women know that money doesn’t just grow on trees. You can’t rely on the government to write you a paycheck for your entire life. Learning to create a budget, and follow it, is key to living a life without relying on others, such as the government. Learning to live within your means is a necessity in a conservative life. No one wants to rely on the government for everything. If you know how to budget, it will much easier to avoid that.

6) Work hard

No one knows how to work hard quite like a conservative woman. The conservative ideology is built on hard work, and working hard will always be rewarded. No government can do the critical work for you. Take it upon yourself to do the work, even if it is hard.  You will be much more grateful for the success that comes to you through hard work than anything that is simply given to you.  By working hard, you’ll make great strides personally and professionally, and people will respect you a lot more.

7) Read voraciously

Conservative women are often so successful because they are not ignorant of the world around them. There is a reason that so many famous conservative women are also famous authors.  Conservatives know how important reading is, especially about issues we aren’t knowledgeable about. Read voraciously if you want to be successful. Whether it be the news every morning, a non-fiction book by your favorite conservative, or a fiction book, just read. The simple act of reading will open your eyes, open your mind, and open doors for you. If you haven’t picked up a book recently, let this be your motivation.

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member