Image Credits: Ryan Zinke

President-Elect Donald Trump has chosen his pick for Secretary of the Interior and the man for the job is Ryan Zinke, the Representative from Montana who has been in that position since only 2015.

A spokesperson for the Trump transition praised Ryan Zinke, saying, “Congressman Zinke is a strong advocate for American energy independence. And he supports an all-encompassing energy policy.  Additionally, Congressman Zinke believes we need to find a way to cut through bureaucracy to ensure our nation’s parks, forests, and other public areas are properly maintained and used effectively.”

The current Secretary of the Interior is Sally Jewell, appointed by President Obama back in 2013. According to their website, The Department of the Interior protects and manages the Nation’s natural resources and cultural heritage; provides scientific and other information about those resources; and honors its trust responsibilities or special commitments to American Indians, Alaska Natives, and affiliated island communities.

Here are fifteen things to know about the new Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke.

  1. He will be 55 years old when Donald Trump takes office in January

  2. He holds degrees from National University, University of Oregon, and the University of San Diego. His undergraduate degree is in geology.

  3. Zinke is an ex-Navy SEAL commander and has two Bronze Stars

  4. He is the first former Navy SEAL ever elected to the House of Representatives!

  5. He and his wife Lolita have three children, Jennifer, Konrad, and Wolfgang. His daughter Jennifer is a Navy Diver and married to a Navy SEAL.

  6. Zinke comes from a big family and has seven siblings!

  7. In the House of Representatives, he serves on the Armed Services and Natural Resources Committee.

  8. Zinke is a big fan of Teddy Roosevelt, a fellow outdoorsman.

  9. If not tapped for this position, it was expected that Zinke would run against Senator Jon Tester for his senate seat in 2018.

  10. He is opposed to the Clean Power Plan put forth under Obama that aimed to curb emissions at the cost of many jobs.

  11. Zinke keeps a combat knife collection in his Cannon Building office in D.C.

  12. Before you start believing the Leftist lies, he DOES believe in climate change. He says you can see the glaciers melting with your own eyes.

  13. His website says that “His decisions are based on upholding the Constitution and doing what is right for Montana and America.”

  14. He considers himself a “leading advocate for strong family values, restoring individual and economic freedoms, energy independence, and helping veterans receive proper care”

  15. In college, he won the Emerald Cup for athletic, academic, and leadership excellence two times.

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