When you disclose that you are a conservative woman, often times you’ll be bombarded with negative comments and judgement. Most of the things people, and our fellow women, assume about conservative women are totally untrue and just downright insulting. There are plenty of insulting, hurtful things I have heard because I am a conservative women, but these five have to be some of the worst.

1) “But the Democratic Party is the party for women. Since you’re a Republican woman, don’t you hate yourself?”

The Democratic Party is the party for people, both men and women that have beliefs that align with that party’s platform. It is nothing but a step backwards in the fight against sexism when you try to shame me into belonging to political party solely based on my gender.

2) “I bet you’re only a conservative because you come from a family of Republicans.”

To be quite honest with you, I had no idea what my mother and father’s political beliefs were until this year. Growing up, we weren’t a politically oriented family. I made my own decision to register as a Republican.  I did extensive research and saw where my beliefs aligned. So again, let’s not be so quick to jump to conclusions.  It’s not that hard. I am a conservative because I have beliefs and values that I choose to motivate my political affiliation using my own brain.

3) “If you’re a Republican, you must be racist.”

This has to be the most absurd of all of the accusations. How on earth can someone find it appropriate to call someone racist without any proof? It’s also well known that there are many Republicans and conservatives that come from unique, racial, and cultural backgrounds. The GOP is the people’s party, and that means everyone.

4) “So you’re homophobic?”

I’m fully aware that not every member of the GOP supports gay marriage. However, there are many that do, myself included. It is not at all acceptable to brand me, a conservative, a hateful person. Try asking my views on this issue before you start calling me hurtful names next time.

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5) “So you don’t care about women’s issues or healthcare? Why would you vote against your rights”

What does “women’s issues” even mean? As far as I’m concerned, every issue in the US is a woman’s issue. As for healthcare, I fully support it, I just don’t think tax dollars should go toward procedures that contradict the religious beliefs of some people. Ever heard of freedom of religion?

These are all things that have essentially been said to me. While they are mostly paraphrased to exclude profanity and for length purposes, people truly do think these things because I am a conservative woman. If you are a conservative hearing these things, know you aren’t alone and if you are someone saying these things, I hope this was eye opening for you.

Rachel N.
Rachel is from Columbus, Ohio where she is a public liaison to the Ohio Governor. She's a lover of Pomeranians, America, and all things chambray. One of her proudest moments was surviving a year at a liberal arts college.

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