A random act of kindness can change somebody’s day for the better. We should all aspire to make the world a brighter and better place, and we can start today! Here are some simple ways you can be the light in someone else’s day:

1. Give a generous tip when you go out to eat

2. Donate clothes you no longer wear to a local clothing drive, Salvation Army, or Goodwill

3. Smile at a stranger

4. Leave a positive chalk message on the sidewalk

5. Pay for the person behind you at the drive thru

6. Write a letter to a soldier

7. Give someone a compliment

8. Hold the elevator for someone

9. Leave a kind post it note on a bathroom mirror

10. Buy flowers for your mom

11. Snap a photo for a couple

12. Donate books to the library

13. Send a care package to a friend or family member who’s in college

14. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

15. Avoid gossip

16. Let someone go ahead of you in line

It’s cool to be kind!

Jenn B