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She may be known for her Grammy red-carpet attire but don’t be fooled, there is more to Joy Villa than a shocking dress she had made (I am still slow clapping at her pro-life dress if I’m being honest.) Joy Villa is a singer and a songwriter and she is here to stay. She has etched her way to into the conservative movement but that hasn’t stopped her complete love of making music. Here are her best lyrics for your IG captions.

Great for a moody picture:Dust has settled and so have I from her song “Vagabonds.” 

For a picture in front of a mural: Rock my crown, tattoos and real truth from her song “Empty” 

Perfect for a sunny day at the beach or pool picture: From this fear I will break free” from “Surrender.” I love this lyric because it truly could mean a million things.

Of course, for a political picture:Make America Great Again” is in fact a lyric from Joy’s song called “Make America Great Again!” which she released in 2018.

For a relationship picture:It’s automatic. I make the static.”  is seriously such a beautiful lyric for any relationship picture you can post. This lyric comes from her song “I Make the Static”

Keep your eyes peeled for Joy Villa. She is one of the only few we have in the music industry.

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