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March For Life this year on January 27th. In the days leading up to it, there will be a lot of talk about the pro-life movement on social media. It is imperative that you go into the conversation informed with facts.

Whether you’ve been staunchly pro-life your entire life, are a recent convert from the other side, or still unsure of where you stand, these twenty facts will help you understand why so many people are pro-life, and why we are calling ourselves the “Pro-Life generation.”

The following facts are pulled from all sort of sources, including medical papers, newspapers, interviews, polls, and case studies. Every fact is cited and covers areas of fetal development, the health of the mother, prevalence of abortion, and more.

The next time someone wants to engage you in a debate on the question of life, lay out some of these facts and you might just win a few more people over to the pro-life side.

1) Planned Parenthood performs over 900 abortions a day. 900. That’s over 300,000 a year and that is only Planned Parenthood.

2) Over half of abortions are performed on women under the age of 25.

3) D&C Abortions (Dilation and Curettage) involve cutting the baby’s body into pieces and extracting it, often through suction.

4) Having an abortion can cause health issues later in life, especially if a woman attempts to become pregnant again. Such a complication includes ectopic pregnancy.

5) A study of nearly 200,000 American women found that in the eight years following their abortion, they had a 154% higher rate of suicide than women who carried to term.

6) One study found that women who have had an abortion are 144% more likely to abuse their children in the future.

7) Women who have had multiple abortions are more likely to become single parents and use public assistance programs.

8) Since Roe v Wade was enacted, over 53 million abortions have occurred

9) By the eighth week of pregnancy, a baby’s eyes are visible.

10) A baby’s heart begins to beat during the third week of pregnancy. 

11) The baby in the womb can feel pain at 20 weeks. This is the usual cut off date for abortion. Nociceptors, pain receptors, are linked to the fetal thalamus by 20 weeks.

12) Fetal DNA is distinctly different from the DNA of any other creature on earth, including the mother. 

13) Even the earliest human embryo meets the qualifications for biological life: metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction. It is alive.

14) How can you argue that a baby in utero is not a distinct person when we are so medically advanced that we can do fetal surgery in utero?

15) Abortion is the number one killer of African-Americans. African-American women are disproportionately affected by abortion.

16) Less than .5% of women who have abortions became pregnant because of rape.

17) Sex selective abortion has led to a missing 100 million women in the world.

18) Susan B Anthony, one of the first and most prominent feminists and leader of the women’s suffrage movement, was outspoken against abortion and called it “child murder”

19) Jane Roe of Roe v Wade fame never actually had an abortion. Her daughter, now in her 40s, was given up for adoption and is living a happy life. Roe, real name Norma McCorvey, is now an outspoken pro-life activist who admitted that much of the Roe v Wade case was based on lies.

20) 81% of Americans support “substantial abortion restrictions”

Aryssa D
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