Liberalism is the one and only political ideology I was exposed to for most of my life. From my friends to my family to the schools I attended, I was your typical New York City liberal up until I learned what real conservatism was.

Coming away from that experience, I realized that our liberal peers and professors have a copious amount of lessons that they can teach us. Most of which will help us in properly and efficiently representing what it truly means to be a conservative. Here are 5 lessons conservatives can learn from liberals.

1) How to be respectful

Treat people the way you want to be treated. I’m sure many of you have received the hard end of the stick from a liberal when it comes to the social scene. Being an outspoken conservative often entails a lot of vocal backlash from our peers and the media, which all too often includes vicious, personal, and utterly dehumanizing attacks. Let’s not kid ourselves, being called those names hurts sometimes. So with that, we know better than to inflict that same kind of pain on others, no matter how much we may think they deserve it.

2) How to keep it classy

I think all you ladies know how important it is to maintain a good appearance, especially when it comes time to looking for a job. Not to mention how great you feel about yourself when you walk outside your house feeling as fabulous as Rihanna. So this anti-makeup, anti-shaving armpits and legs thing, and whatever else the Left comes up with, is unappealing and can actually be harmful. The fact of the matter is, attractive people are more successful. They get paid more, are hired faster, and get promotions quicker. Keep on taking those hour long showers to make your legs as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Continue spending more than 20 minutes to do your makeup and hair. You just might be better off.

3) The importance of staying open-minded

On a more serious note, we have all witnessed how determined the regressive Left is to silence opposing views. From waging war against the First Amendment to unfriending and blocking people on social media to banning conservative speakers from college campuses. Those on the Left prefer to live in a bubble full of comforting lies. This is fine if they so choose. We conservatives understand the benefits of allowing them to voice their opinions. In fact, they help us strengthen our own arguments by learning something new, having to combat a point never presented to us before, and creating a productive environment for debate.

4) Stay humble, always

The Left and this whole “we’re better and smarter than you” attitude…not cool. There’s no legitimate reason to be so narcissistic. It doesn’t matter if you have interned at more places than another person or have more friends or have a higher degree. Those things don’t make you any better, or worse, than other people. We all have intrinsic value. This Leftist behavior, in a sense, snaps us all back into reality that we’re all equals here.

5) How to genuinely be pro-woman

I couldn’t write this without making this point, because it’s a hard one to ignore. Those who are pro-abortion are advocating for a procedure that has negative psychological effects on women. The Left defends cultures that accepts the physical abuse of women if they don’t wear the proper clothing.  They defend countries and regimes that stone women if they come under “adultery” charges or accusations. You want to talk about real patriarchy? Look at the Middle East. What do we conservatives do? We speak up and fight for these women. The Left is all about empowering and lifting women up, until it comes to conservative women.

Alissa L