When you first start dating a new guy, you want to be sure you’ll get along well, and that includes your political views. If he hasn’t yet disclosed his political views to you, here are 20 signs to determine if he might be a Republican.

Disclaimer: Republicans come in all shapes and sizes! Don’t take this post too seriously.

1. He attends a lot of YAF, YAL or Turning Point conferences

2. He loves football

3. His first car was a Chevy, Dodge or Ford

4. He prays over your relationship

5. There’s an American Flag or a Gadsden flag in his room – maybe both

6. He can shoot a gun

7. You met him through church

8. On your first date he didn’t hesitate to pick up the check

9. He offers to change your oil and fix things up around the house for you

10. He could live in Brooks Brothers and Vineyard Vines

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11. His favorite music is country

12. He can clean up nicely in a suit but he loves to be dressed down, getting his hands dirty

13. He’s not afraid to play with your younger siblings, nieces, nephews and cousins

14. Chick-Fil-A is his second home

15. Reagan, Bush and Coolidge are his favorite presidents

16. He loves to drink a cold beer or a glass of whisky

17. He can drive a stick shift

18. He loves his mama

19. His Bible is his prized possession

20. You and him are a match made in heaven

Georgia G

Georgia Gallagher graduated from the University of Alabama in the summer of 2019 where she majored in Journalism and Political Science. She is currently working as a Cast Member at  Walt Disney World in Florida. In her free time she can be found advocating for pro-life policies and working with single or low-income mothers. She often says that her planner is second only to her Bible and she’s never caught without a cup of coffee in her hand.