Dating can feel repetitive sometimes, right? Dinners and movies are nice, but when you’ve been with someone for awhile or want to start dating someone new on the right foot, you’ll want to think outside the box. If you’re dating a conservative, or someone you’re slowly converting to conservatism, these five date ideas are a great start. Step outside your comfort zone, try something new, and get to know the person you’re dating even better while you spend time together.

Trivia night, specifically political trivia

If you’re competitive and stocked full of knowledge about random things, try a trivia date night. Lots of local pubs, bars, and comedy clubs host them as fundraisers. You just have to show up and provide the brains. I love trivia dates as a way to see how a guy and I work as a team and learn what the other might know that I don’t. It’s always fun to show off your sports knowledge while he picks up the history questions or vice versa. Many trivia nights are “themed” and you might even be able to find a political one happening in your area!

An escape room

Put your relationship to the test with an escape room! These used to be only in the “big” cities but are popping up all over the country now. You’re locked in a room and have an hour to get out using the clues and hints hidden in the room, all while you solve some mystery. I went on my third date with a guy to an escape room. It really sealed the deal for us. It was fun to see how well we worked together as a team.

Door knocking for your favorite candidate

To get a little more political, this is a great option if you’re both politically minded and on the same page for a candidate in your area. Door knocking is not only super important for  a candidate, but you’ll have lots of time between hours and areas to get to know your date better. Plus, you’ll be able to reminisce later on about the crazy encounters you had along the way.

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Go shooting or fishing

Conservatives tend to like the outdoors and proving just how capable they are with a bow and arrow, rifle, or fishing rod. If that’s you, or your date, head out for a day of shooting or fishing. It’s fun to catch your own dinner or contribute to conservation efforts in your area.If, like me, you enjoy the wilderness a little bit less, head indoors and spend the day at the gun range. It’s not a great first-date activity since you don’t get a lot of talking in, but it’s a sure fire way to bond.

Volunteer at a pregnancy center

Put your pro-life message into boots on the ground by volunteering at a pregnancy crisis center. There are lots of options, including doing simple office work for them or helping them organize their supplies or conduct informational sessions. There will be plenty of time to talk and get to know each other, plus you can really get to see each other’s pro-life values come to life.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member