Winning over a conservative woman can be harder than it looks.  We want to date a guy who knows about current events so we can talk to someone about them. Us conservative ladies want to date a guy who has his life together because with all the conferences we go to and spending all our free time doing activism work, we simply can’t be dating boys; we need men.

Here are 8 ways you can win over a conservative woman:

1. Have your ten-year plan ready

We want to hear all about how you’re planning on spending your next ten years. What you do after college, where you see yourself, whether you’re a city or a small town person; these things all matter. What your future career looks like and where it will take you are all very important things to a girl who wants to know whether or not you’re. No, this isn’t about money or how rich you’ll be. It’s about finding someone who is as passionate and ambitious about their job as we are about ours.

2. Chivalry isn’t dead

Chivalry goes a long way when you’re about do date a conservative woman. Ask the woman out on a date, take her to dinner, or to a museum. Hold doors, when you’re walking on a sidewalk the man should be standing closest to the road, and never walk ahead of her. Oh, and always be on time.

3. Be able to talk politics

You’re about to be in for a rude awakening if you talk to a girl without knowing what’s going on during an election. While some say ignorance is bliss, you will immediately regret ever thinking that’s true the moment you say “I don’t care about politics” because you will get a speech that’s longer than Ted Cruz’s filibuster (If you don’t understand that reference, exit out of this browser or open another tab and google this monster of a filibuster-enjoy Green Eggs & Ham). We’re activists so we have plenty of stories or things to rant about, which brings me to my next point.

4. Be willing to listen to my struggles

I’m not talking about little things that happen throughout my day like almost running out of gas or my roommate’s dog pooping in the living room.  Although, if you could listen to those rants as well, that would be great, thanks. But I mean listening to the last Twitter drama because yes, it’s bound to happen. Listening to the rant of something another activist did to snub me, or what a tree-hugging socialist said to me today while I was tabling. The rants that last longer than Bernie Sander’s campaign and the always obnoxious “Why Big Government Sucks” speech. You might as well grab a popcorn because those rants last awhile but if you can stick through those, you’re a keeper.

5. How close you are to your family matters

Hearing that a man is close to his family is a huge deal to us conservative women. If there is actually a reason as to why you’re not close with your family, then you get off the hook. But there is nothing more attractive than a guy who loves his family and loves spending time with them. How a man treats his mom is how he will treat you. In addition to it being super adorable watching a guy interact with his family, it also shows you how he will interact with yours. Whether or not you get along with a girl’s parents is a big deal.

6. Be respectful

A woman’s heart will melt if a guy gives his seat up for an elderly person. A man must conduct himself in such a way that my parents would approve of his behavior if they were to just magically walk in. Shake the hands of people in uniform or veterans. Help someone who may need your help and even go out of your way to do something for a friend.

7. Be romantic

Not all the time. I’m not trying to live in a Nicholas Sparks book but do the little things. Sending random sweet text messages goes a long way or randomly calling a girl will always be a good idea. But be the Ronald to a woman’s Nancy (again, if you don’t get this, re-evaluate dating any Republican). Most conservative women are book worms and enjoy any bit of history so little gifts like books or going somewhere historical, even just a small battle ground, will go a very long way. Be able to have the long talks about the future because, let’s be real, how you’re going to arrange the master bedroom in the White House is important.

8. Be a man

Don’t play games with a girl. If you tell her you’re going to do something, do it.  If she tells you she will do something, make sure she lives up to her word. Don’t be misleading or use a girl to bide your time. Be kind to people but being protective isn’t a bad thing ever – just know your limits. Pay for the dates and sometimes let her pay when she wants to.  Most conservative women will want to pay at some point because the fear of debt, even just debt to others, is a very real thing.  Don’t think that takes away from your manhood; trust me.  It makes a girl happy to pay for things especially when it’s something you’ve been wanting. Put in the effort that is necessary and you will have a girl swooning.

A University of Chicago study conducted a 40-year study and the results showed that conservative women are some of the happiest people – and significantly happier than liberal women. Why is this? Conservative women surround themselves with people they love. Conservative women want a man who they are proud to show off and they want a man who is proud to show them off. Never question whether or not a conservative girl is going to be loyal; she has to be extremely loyal as a young adult standing up for her party when it seems that everyone her age is against her.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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