As a college students and young professionals, the most essential school supply is a daily planner. For the last few years, I have bought the general favorite planner, Lilly Pulitzer, and was very happy. Upon researching the broad world of daily planners (and let me tell you there is a lot), I realized that there were other planners out there that better fit my needs.

Here are my top 5 planners that I have found for this coming fall. You’re gonna have a hard time choosing, I promise.

1) ($20-$32)

                                  Bando+Agenda+Review+2015-3           8_new-site_product-shot_agendas_all-small-covers

The planners have created a large following over the last few years.  They have creative doodles, fun stickers, and out-of-the-box asthetic. With strong tumblr vibes, this planner will be Insta-ready every single day, while keeping you organized and sane at the same time.

2) The Happy Planner ($19.99 – $34.99)

                  IMG_2644           Create+365™+The+Happy+Planner™+March+monthly+&+weekly+spread+by+mambi+Design+Team+member+Jen+Randall+-+me+&+my+BIG+ideas

The blogger girls’ dream, The Happy Planner is a planner system that comes blank. The world is your oyster with customization. Sold at craft stores, this system comes with tabs, stickers, tape, and many other accessories that allow you to make your planner 100% your own. They even have a IG Challenge, blog, and Instagram to keep you creative and inspired.

3) Day Designer ($49-$59)

                                day-designer-well-lived-square-400-e1348458133949            Whitney-English-Day-Designer-3-Design-Crush

Designed with the (semi) obsessive planner in mind, the Day Designer planner has a full page for every day.  It has a section for your goals, to-dos, hour-by-hour planning, and more. Although the price is a bit steeper than others, the in depth daily view is something you can’t find anywhere else.

4) Bloom Planners ($14.95 – $27.95)

                                    Vintage_Floral_Vision_Planner_Cover_1024x1024           maxresdefault

With a focus on personal goal setting, the Bloom planner is great for the girl who likes to create goals.  Bloom helps you obtain them within time frames. With an abundance of designs and versions, there’s bound to be a Bloom Planner for everyone!

Besides just daily planners, Bloom also has a plethora of planning pads with focuses on work/life balance, daily planning, packing lists, grocery lists, to-do lists, and more!

5) Paper Source ($14.95-$38.95)

                                  842612062393           842612062232

If you’re looking for a cheap option that looks like a million bucks, Paper Source is the place for you. Although the planning systems themselves aren’t anything incredibly special, the design and covers of their planners are incredible and look amazing. I don’t know if I can even pick!

Corinne C
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