In our liberally-biased world, an ignorant new wave of socialism has emerged. It has promoted itself as the the most loving and tolerant way of life, leaving capitalism to be branded as a system that only benefits the greedy and selfish. I’m sorry to tell you self-proclaimed socialists that you are incorrect and uninformed once again. Socialism is economically and morally inferior to capitalism because, under a free-market economy, when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great. When the government levels the playing field and removes the incentive to work hard and innovate, however, few will try or want to succeed.

Many of you “socialists” are the first in line at the Apple Store to get the latest iPhone or at your local Starbucks to grab a cup of overpriced coffee every morning. While you complain about the evils of big business, you support it and enjoy it on a daily basis. It is capitalism that gives you the freedom, equal opportunity, and choice to succeed. Success is measured by the amount of consumers who voluntarily trade for goods, meaning people must be willing and wanting to give their money to companies for the goods they see worth it. You forget that it is choice and competition that make companies aim for quality; if they do not produce quality, they do not make money and therefore they fail. Economic growth comes from competition and options among products; if you do not feel a product or service is meeting your desired taste, you can choose to not spend your money on it and go elsewhere.

Businesses work for you, while the government works against you. Bernie Sanders recently made the argument that there only needs to be one choice of deodorant and one choice of sneakers, because who needs more than one option when kids are going to bed hungry?  That is not how you grow the economy, sir; that is how you kill it. According to the Boston Globe, hunger and deprivation are rarest where trade is freest. When food and products are plentiful, that creates a booming economy of choice. People do not starve from having too many choices; they starve when a corrupt government gives them only one, poorly managed choice. After all, when buyers and sellers are left free to choose for themselves, grocery and department store aisles fill up with goods that consumers desire to buy. In a socialist’s mind, however, government control is better than free-market capitalism. When the government is put in charge of providing for the masses, it creates the consequences of shortages, rationing, bare shelves, long lines, and starving citizens. Capitalism is about pleasing the customer, while socialism is about pleasing the wealthy bureaucrat.

Much of the media and the many liberal educators throughout America are ignorant to say that it is capitalism that is selfish. Let’s evaluate that claim. Under capitalism, I have the choice and opportunity to work and to become more successful. I have the opportunity to prove myself, and therefore can be make more money in my chosen field. Under socialism, you do not matter because you are equal to everyone (except the few wealthy elites who freely dole out your cash). This creates virtually no innovation, and suggests that the government can spend your money better than you can spend your money. When big government is running the show, it is never effective or accountable. The government does not care if you have gluten-free dietary needs or prefer Starbucks coffee to store-brand, and you can therefore kiss those options goodbye forever.

Socialism can create the distorted mindset that if everyone is equal, then you do not have to do your part to prove yourself or work any harder. Having zero competition of course would lower productivity and quality levels. You expect the same outcome as someone who worked ten times harder than you? Isn’t that the definition of selfish? The idea of all being “equal” will never be more than an idea; it is people’s decision-making, education, and choices that affect their wealth and well-being. Fair and equal are two very different ideas, and the sooner you learn that, the better off America will be. Socialism creates more problems, more selfishness, and more dependence on big, careless government. We are only a “free country” if we have a choice and say in our lives; when we no longer have that, we are simply slaves.

It is because of free-market capitalism that you have choice and voice as to which products and businesses succeed. With socialism, all of these options are eliminated. Without capitalism, you do not have options and therefore our freedom as Americans does not exist; either you limit your government or your government limits you. Socialism makes people selfish because they expect choices to be made for them, and they begin expecting things rather than earning them.  Capitalism will give you the fair opportunity to succeed, but is socialism that will make you equally selfish. Stop giving up your freedom so willingly and do not let the government manipulate and misguide you into equal poverty.

Haley B
FFL Contributor
Haley is a fearless 20-something educator. Though she has lived in both Nebraska and Florida, her true home is in the arms of her husband, Joel. Haley is an avid coffee consumer, a fitness fanatic, a WWE enthusiast, a wanderluster, a fashionista, and a whole lot of sass.

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