With the passage of several heartbeat bills, pro-choicers have once again come out of the woodwork to support their right to choose. From what I have personally seen on social media, pro-choicers tend to outline several of the same arguments as an excuse for why abortion should be made accessible to everyone, everywhere. Here are some of the most popular arguments made by pro-choicers and some tips on how to refute these arguments.

1) My body, my choice.

This particular argument would be much more convincing if it really were the woman’s body. As someone who is pro-life, I also support individual liberty and believe that women can conduct themselves in any way that they so wish. However, at this point, the baby’s body is what the discussion is about—no longer the woman’s body. In conclusion, it isn’t your body, so therefore it isn’t your choice.

2) No uterus, no opinion.

Since humans are unable to reproduce asexually, men are definitely a part of the picture. I haven’t seen this argument be made to any pro-choice men as it is simply a cop-out for pro-choicers to say if you don’t agree with me, then your opinion doesn’t matter. If this weren’t the case, me, a woman, holding a pro-life opinion would be perfectly fine, right?

3) The fetus would be better off.

To suggest that someone would be better off dead than facing struggles in life highlights just how sick pro-choice arguments have become. A pillar of the pro-life movement is that everyone deserves a right to life. A beautiful illustration of the American Dream is that in the midst of struggle and hard times, success is still very much so on the table. You don’t have to be born rich, but you do have to be born.

4) I have a right to an abortion.

Just because you want to believe something doesn’t mean that you have a right to it. No one has a right to commit murder. Abortion isn’t mentioned in the Constitution and even if it were, the left wants to be rid of the Constitution anyway.

5) Men shouldn’t be able to legislate women’s bodies.

Men are voted into office by both men and women. We vote them into office for the purpose of legislating. By legislating, they are doing exactly what we elected them to do. The time to decide who is legislating is during elections. Legislating privilege is not null and void just because you disagree with a legislator’s position on an issue.

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Sadly, I don’t expect that these arguments will ever go away. However, the pro-life movement continues to move forward. Check out the Future Female Leaders Network on Facebook to join the conversation and check out some other pro-choice arguments that women are tired of hearing.