A majority of us have heard the soundtrack from Hamilton the Broadway Original Musical. We often see Hamilton’s sass in the musical. Did you know that he was actually sassier than the play makes him out to be? Here are 5 times that Hamilton was the most extra Founding Father.

The time Hamilton stole cannons from the British during the Battle of Brooklyn:

Yes, Hamilton actually stole a British cannon during the Battle of Brooklyn. He attempted to seize 100 cannons with the help of volunteers. However, in the end, he was only able to successfully steal one cannon.

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The time Hamilton fueled rumors that he created the New York Post to talk about the other Founding Fathers:

Hamilton may have founded the New York Post to write the news, but it has been said to have been created to inform the citizens about other politician’s “dirty laundry.” Hamilton knew that the citizens of New York would love to have faster access to the goings-on within the state. In addition, he may have thought that they would like to know some of the more scandalous details that the politicians may have been hiding.

The time Hamilton convinced the South to let him create the National Bank in New York:

In the Broadway musical’s song “The Room Where It Happens,” Hamilton is seen having dinner with James Madison and Thomas Jefferson to discuss the possibility of helping Hamilton gain enough votes to create a national bank. In reality, Hamilton realizes that the Southern opposition may put an end to his plans for a national bank, permanently. Hamilton manages to convince Madison and Jefferson to aide him in his mission. He then successfully convinced Washington to sign Hamilton’s national bank bill into law. We may not know all of the details about what went on in “the room where it happened.” We do know that we may not have the national bank without it!

The time Hamilton wanted to grow a garden:

In the year 1802, Hamilton purchased around thirty acres of land. He wanted to start gardening and taking care of the land. This was the year after his son, Philip Hamilton, died from a shot by George Eacker during a duel. In a letter to Richard Peters regarding his garden, Hamilton states, “In this new situation, for which I am as little fitted as Jefferson to guide the helm of the UStates, I come to you as an Adept in rural science for instruction. The greatest part of my little farm will be dedicated to Grass. The soil is a sandy loam, in which there is rather too large a dose of Sand. Yet every thing has hitherto thriven well.” Hamilton essentially wrote that, just as he was unprepared to run a garden, he felt that Jefferson was unprepared to run a country.

The time Hamilton created his own scandal:

Hamilton wrote and created his own scandal. This scandal is commonly known as the Reynolds’s Pamphlet, or as it was originally titled, ‘“Observations on Certain Documents Contained in No. V & VI of “The History of the United States for the Year 1796,” In Which the Charge of Speculation Against Alexander Hamilton, Late Secretary of the Treasury, is Fully Refuted.”’ This scandal was created so that Hamilton would not be accused further of speculation. However, due to it’s creation, Alexander Hamilton published one of America’s very first sex scandals…his own.

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