As conservative women we are driven, passionate and incredibly goal-oriented. We pride ourselves in our core beliefs and values.  When pursuing romantic relationships, we expect those same values in him. Other than dating men who obviously rage like W, dress like JFK, and think like Reagan, this article will go further into the depths of the dating deal breakers every conservative woman has.

1) Religion

Growing together as a couple should mean growing together in faith as well. So if there are differences in religion, this is sure to create some issues within a relationship with a traditionally conservative woman…but not always. For long term reasons, for some girls, religion is definitely a deal breaker.

2) Politics

We respect people who have different political beliefs.  However, sometimes dating someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum can be difficult. Disagreeing on a few policies results in interesting and in-depth conversation, but a completely different and intolerant mindset toward politics is a turn-off. 

3) Family

Conservative women value their family immensely, as I’m sure many girls are, so it is no shocker that when it comes to dating, their family must approve. Family acceptance definitely qualifies as a must and is a major deal breaker for any traditional woman. Without approval from her family, the relationship is sure to fail. 

4) Work Ethic

A man with a good work ethic is one who is going places in life. If there is a lack of motivation when it comes to reaching for their goals, that is definitely a no-no. Being a woman with strong work ethic, drive, and motivation, we can only expect the same characteristics in the men we date.

 5) Chivalry

To a traditional conservative woman, chivalry is far from dead. Holding the door open, pulling the chair out, and walking her to the door are an act of kindness to us and are some things many woman should expect. 

6) Maturity

There is nothing worse than being around immature company, let alone an immature date. A lack of maturity is a definite deal breaker for any woman, but especially for a conservative. We may not be mature all the time ourselves and laugh at goofiness, but all in all, we are interested in mature men.

Abigail R