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College campuses are overrun by liberal groups protesting everything under the sun. You can’t let them have the fun. While the Left goes out and throws rallies in support of illegal immigrants, abortion, criminals and the like, you should go out and rally in support of what YOU support, whether it is legal immigration, the right to life, capitalism, etc. You have every right to be heard on your college campus, public or private. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The Left knows the value of activism. It is time that the right got on board. Co-opting the Left’s tactics to promote a conservative message is a great way to get attention for your group, whatever it may be, and make a splash on your campus.

1) Graveyard of the UnbornIf you love fighting for the rights of the unborn, consider this activism event on your campus. Abortion occurs year round, so while this is a great event to do in support of the March for Life, it will always be applicable to your campus. Consider pairing up with a local pregnancy center to pass out literature as you display symbols, whether that is tiny tombstones, flags, pinwheels, etc, that represent the hundreds of thousands of lives lost each year to abortion. Be prepared for a fight from the women’s center on your campus. They will call you anti-woman, anti-choice, and probably anti-freedom, but be prepared to stand your ground. Abortion takes a human life every single time. Your graveyard shows how horrifically prolific it is.

2) No More Che DayHow many of ya’ll have seen some liberal walking around on your campus wearing a Che Guevara shirt? Che was a horrific murderer. He does not need to be worn around like a badge of honor. Perhaps though, the real problem is that college students these days aren’t fully aware of the horrors committed by Che and his people. This is the perfect event for that. No More Che Days is typically celebrated in October around the time of his death. If you are truly passionate about this event, you can adapt it to any time of the year. Study up on your facts about Che and his crimes. Be prepared with a little quote game about “Who Said it: Che or Hitler?” You’ll be surprised about the results, and no doubt your classmates will as well.

3) Tear Down the Berlin WallThe fall of the Berlin wall, while decades ago, is still a symbolic event for freedom across the world. Though it took place in Germany, this event holds deep ties to the United States. It was Reagan that said “Tear down that wall!” and tear it down the people did. Celebrate the fall of the Berlin wall in November and build your own mock Berlin Wall on campus. Tear it down. This is a really fun activity that gets a lot of attention on campus and will no doubt attract new members to your group.

4) Affirmative Action Bake Sale

Show the absurdity of preferential and ultimately detrimental policies like Affirmative Action. Make some tasty treats, by hosting an Affirmative Action Bake SaleThe purpose of this is a little different than most bake sales. You’re not trying to raise money for any one cause or group. You may happen to, but instead raise awareness for how absurd the differences are for different ethnic groups in processes dictated by affirmative action policies. This can be a pretty controversial event. No doubt people will accuse you of being discriminatory for charging white people a dollar while black people pay 50 cents and Asians pay $1.50. That’s kind of the point you’re trying to make. Go into this with strong facts to back up your argument. This can be a major success.

5) 9/11 Never Forget

We are now fifteen years out from the horrific events of the 9/11 terror attacks. Soon, freshmen entering college won’t even have been born when the attacks occurred. Many people that were alive are forgetting what a momentous day it was for our nation and eschewing the immense patriotism that followed. Nearly 3,000 innocent American citizens lost their lives that day. We will not forget. The 9/11 Never Forget Project is a popular event that can be hosted yearly on or around September 11th to honor the fallen. Most groups memorialize the victims by planting nearly 3,000 American flags in a common area or quad with a sign explaining the display. This should not be a controversial event, but it has turned into one on some campuses. Stand your ground and stand up for those that lost their lives that day. We will remember. We will not forget.

6) GPA Tax Day

The popularity of Bernie Sanders on college campuses showed a frightening proclivity among college students for ideas like socialism. It was not uncommon in 2016 to see protests on college campuses calling for a 99% tax on the richest in our society. In response, hold GPA Tax Daya fun event where you ask students one of two things. You can either ask them if they’d like to donate some of their GPA to the “less fortunate” or you can ask them if they would be in favor of anyone earning more than a certain GPA, say 3.5, having a tenth of a point taken off to be redistributed in search of equality. I can guarantee you that you won’t find many takers. When you break it down to them, that this is exactly what socialists, even the “democratic” ones, want to do. You might just win a few converts.

7) Anti-Vagina Monologues ProtestEvery year dozens, if not hundreds, of college campuses put on productions of “The Vagina Monologues.” This is a play full of monologues that reduce women to nothing more than their sexual organs and yet claim to be about promoting freedom and equality. Many of these productions are done to raise money for groups like Planned Parenthood. Excuse me if I’m not too excited about that prospect. If you find out a production is being staged on your campus, stand up and speak out This is an event that can take any form. In preparation you should check out some of the literature put together against the “Vagina Monologues.” Women are more than their parts. We don’t need to stand on a stage and talk about masturbation and abortion to be equal in this society. This is 2017 for crying out loud.No doubt, the Left will try and shut events like these down. You have rights on your college campus and you deserve to be able to exercise them. Don’t give the leftists what they want: your silence. Be proud to be a conservative and be proud to support whatever you do, whether that is life, our armed forces, capitalism, or the right to bear arms.  Many of these events can also be tweaked a bit to be help support other causes.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member