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In today’s world, there are so many amazing women worth admiring. They teach valuable lessons with their lives that young women can learn from. During a time where media glorifies reality show stars and super models, these are women worth looking up to for the impacts they’ve made in their communities and beyond.  Here are seven women who have truly made an impact, and important lessons we can all learn from them.

Peggy Grande

Peggy Grande was the personal assistant to former President Ronald Reagan. She got this coveted position by writing a letter to the office of President Reagan asking for a job interview, which they granted. She was hired to be an intern.  Through hard work and determination, she quickly rose through the ranks to the coveted position of the personal assistant to Ronald Reagan. Her boldness in knowing her own value is striking and empowering.

Ms. Grande teaches us to know our worth and ask to sit at the table. The worst thing anyone can say is no.

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Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Collection

From building a multi-million dollar fashion empire, being Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, and now a close special assistant to the President, Ivanka Trump has her hand in everything. Her ability to be a super mom, super daughter, and still be successful at everything else on her plate is astounding.

Ivanka once said “everything about mediocrity kills me.” That is evident in everything that she does, from media interviews to the various positions she holds. She shows young women that greatness is never out of your reach, and, with balance, it truly is possible to have it all.

Nancy Reagan

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Mrs. Reagan is most famously known for being the wife of President Reagan, but her efforts in the anti-drug campaign “Just Say No” are even more noteworthy. This First Lady traveled across the United States speaking about drug usage around the world, and even spoke to the United Nations. As a part of her campaign she once gave a speech saying “Life can be great, but not when you can’t see it. So, open your eyes to life: to see it in the vivid colors that God gave us as a precious gift to His children, to enjoy life to the fullest, and to make it count. Say yes to your life.”

Mrs. Reagan teaches us to promote what you’re passionate about using the platform you’ve been given, speak loudly, and to never take for granted how precious life is.

Kimberly Corban

Kimberly Corban is a sexual assault survivor who turned tragedy into a platform and starts an important conversation. She has gone around the country advocating for the sexual assault awareness and the Second Amendment. Corban has said time and time again “I have been unspeakably victimized once already, and I refuse to let that happen again to myself or my kids.”

Ms. Corban teaches us to take the worst out of life, and turn it into a positive. She teaches us to never be a victim of our circumstances, find strength from within, and use our story to inspire others.

Amanda Owens

Amanda started Future Female Leaders as an outlet for her own personal beliefs, and it’s grown into the leading social movement for young conservative women. After being the target of negativity for voicing her views during the 2012 election, she turned others negativity into a positive movement. Amanda has inspired countless young women along her journey because her ability to push past obstacles and stay positive, even in the face of severe criticism.

Amanda is a believer that “no dream is too big or unattainable with the appropriate amount of tenacity and hustle.” She teaches young women to turn their dreams into reality and never be afraid to take risks.

Sandra Day O’Connor

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My personal role model, and the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court by none other than Ronald Reagan, Justice O’Connor weighed in on important cases like Planned Parenthood v. Casey, Bush v. Gore, and Grutter v. Bollinger. She shattered the glass ceiling in the judiciary, and paved the way for other female justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan. She is a strong woman who continually proved her value to the court stemmed from her intelligence and desire to apply the law equally and fairly, not her gender. She saw her gender not as a way to make a power play, or be a victim, but rather focused on the strength of her arguments to prove a point.

Justice O’Connor was famously quoted “the power I exert on the court depends on the power of my arguments, not on my gender”.  Young women everywhere can learn valuable lessons from Justice O’Connor’s stance, by being more concerned with their character and what they bring to the table, rather than believing their gender holds them back.

Nikki Haley

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Nikki Haley is the former Governor of South Carolina, and the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations. She also was a part of the South Carolina House of Representatives for six years from 2005-2011 until she was elected Governor. Mrs. Haley is an outspoken, passionate, conservative woman who stands up for the best interest of the Americans she serves, and embraces her femininity in the process.

One of my favorite quotes from her is “I wear heels. It’s not for a fashion statement, it’s ammunition.” Nikki Haley teaches young women to embrace who you are as a woman, be proud of what you believe, and use your strength to your advantage.

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All of these women provide valuable lessons to young women. They show that you can accomplish anything if you’re willing to put the work in, and that the glass ceiling, no matter how strong it may seem, can always be shattered with a strong enough hammer.

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