1) We need small government

President Reagan saw the importance in providing the means necessary for United States citizens to have the opportunity to live their life on their own terms. Some rules and regulations are needed to avoid chaos and foster protection, but too much doesn’t help anyone

2) Morality

Religion provides the support of a pillar that this country was built and keeps policy going in the right direction. Freedom to practice religion in this country extends to everyone in the United States of America

3) Respect for those who served our country should come from every single person here who enjoys freedom

The United States is the powerful and successful nation today because of the resources put into creating a strong source of military power. Along with allocations to the armed forces comes respect to each and every individual whom serves. Ronald Reagan did not serve himself, but that only made his convictions stronger in honoring our troops.

4) Welfare has taken a wrong turn

From the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens comes their role in helping those who find themselves in trouble. Welfare is meant to give temporary assistance to those a little down on their luck, not maintain a lifetime of living at the expense of taxpayers.

5) The right to bear arms is an American right

President Reagan understood that guns don’t shoot or kill people on their own. Bad people who make bad decision must be present to pull the trigger. The 2nd Amendment is part of the Constitution that should be upheld or enhanced by every governmental action.

6) Those who make money should spend it

Ronald Reagan entered office with the notion that Americans work hard to earn money and therefore should be allowed to decide how the majority of it is spent. Everyone who makes money would agree that they have the power to use it in any way that they wish.

7) Freedom is a legacy that must be reinstated 

President Reagan encourages young people in politics to fight for the continuation of freedom in the United States for our generation. Get involved, be interested, stay attentive to things happening in the world around you. Let’s not let him down. Keep America the land of the free and home of the brave!