Dear Politically Correct and Overly Offended People,

We are living in a society that has truly gone mad with political correctness.  It began with valid criticisms of words and phrases that are truly offensive and wrong.  Of course, no one should use terms such as the n-word to describe others, anyone who uses racist terms should be corrected, and those who are being called such a word have the right to be offended; however, political correctness has become much more than ridding our vocabulary of racist and *truly* offensive terms.

I’ll start by saying this;  these so-called social justice warriors, or SJWs, can and do claim that anything and everything is offensive. (Need examples? A sorority’s philanthropy event was cancelled because it was “offensive to people in jail”.  On Cinco de Mayo, SJWs were out chastising people for calling guacamole, “guac..” ..because apparently food has feelings now, too.) Then, uneducated bandwagoners hear their cry, and hit the streets (or social media) to protest.  Being offended is attractive to a lot of these people, because it makes them feel like they are on some type of moral high ground.  This “moral high ground” leads to a sense of superiority, which then leads to a ceaseless shaming of those who disagree.

Not only do these SJW’s feel their beliefs are superior to others, they also coerce other people, particularly women and minorities, into believing that they are constant victims of  “the patriarchy,” and that they NEED the assistance of social justice campaigns in order to succeed, because without SJWs advocating for them, they’d just be lowly victims, forever suppressed by white people and men. This thought pattern leaves women and minorities to continue to vote Democrat and follow the lead of their SJW heros. See the problem, here?  These “social justice” warriors are suppressing women and minorities by promoting a false sense of victimization, and refusing to acknowledge their independence outside of the social justice campaigns. They are convincing  them to follow a particular agenda, one that may not even benefit them, because they believe it is the “good” and “right” thing to do.  Then, when women and/or minorities succeed without the help of these social justice warriors, it ruins their rhetoric.  Perhaps this is why feminists become so angry with women who refuse to identify with radical modern feminism. Any woman is who anti-modern feminism is *clearly* hurting herself, because SJWs KNOW what is right for women, and anyone who deviates from their ideal is stupid, wrong, and even “blinded by their own oppression”.  *Yawn*.  Give me a break.

Aside from being flat out ridiculous, political correctness does tremendous harm to the public discourse.  We stifle debate if we say that only certain things can be said and others cannot.  Comments that include valid criticisms of certain cultures, religions, or social justice movements are simply deemed as racist or otherwise horribly offensive and completely dismissed.  “Conversations” on controversial topics such as race or religion are only allowed to consist of a very narrow spectrum of non-offensive ideas.  Therefore, these conservations are nothing more than a lecture to white people/men/Christians/etc about how “awful” they are, and no real solutions are provided.  If we are constantly afraid of offending people, we can’t make any positive changes.  We are unable to get to the heart of the issues we are discussing when only a limited spectrum of views is allowed to be expressed.

Allow me to give you an example. Religion has been under fire lately, particularly the Islamic faith.  Islamic extremists are wreaking havoc in the Middle East: murdering people, committing child molestation, and allowing the understated mistreatment of women — these are things that need to be called out, even if it makes people uncomfortable. Its true, not all Muslims are extremists — not even close.  Most Muslims are loving, peaceful people, but the fact of the matter is that this must be discussed, even if it offends people, because this is a human rights issues and human rights are simply more important than hurt feelings. Let me spell it out for you, SJWs: NO progress will EVER be made on any of these controversial topics until people with ALL valid viewpoints are invited to participate in the discussion.  

Finally, political correctness does nothing to prepare people for the real world.  In America, we do a great job of coddling people and protecting them from everything that could possibly hurt their feelings. We place “trigger warnings” on any material that may be even slightly offensive. Lets be honest, my generation has grown up being completely sheltered.  In the real world, people will offend you.  People will say things that hurt your feelings.  You can brush it off and acknowledge that perhaps you were being a bit sensitive, or you can get angry, furious even, demand apologies and take to social media to complain about your outrage.  Remember, being offended by something someone else says is a personal choice.  It’s your problem, not theirs.  We all need to be prepared to fight our own battles instead of turning to some SJWs who will use their perceived moral high ground to spark outrage. This culture of victimization and political correctness does nothing for the public discourse.  It inhibits real debate and conversation, keeps progress from being made, and turns people into perpetual victims who cannot think for themselves or fight their own battles.  That being said, there is hope to stop these social justice warriors and their “feel-good” mentality.  The outrage culture continues to exist because we allow it to.  We give into it, giving the social justice warriors what they want because it’s easier than being deemed as an insensitive moron.  It’s up to us to stand up against the warm and fuzzy culture, the outrage mentality, and the absurd amount of political correctness that is ruining our country.

Sara S