With graduation right around the corner, a lot of us are scrambling to figure out how we want to make a statement on our graduation cap. It needs to be cute and classy while making a statement about your time in school and who you are. If you’re a fierce conservative woman who’s looking for the perfect graduation cap idea, this list is for you.

The Tried and True

The American flag shows your patriotism and American spirit. It’s classy and understated which is just what you want on your graduation day when it should be all about you, not just your cap.

The Political Statement

If you’re a fierce proponent of Donald Trump, this grad cap is for you. It’ll show off your sassy spirit and political process without being too in your face.

The Empowered Woman

The most influential women in history are the ones who were called crazy during their time for their ideals and goals. Show the world the impact you plan to make with this sassy cap.

The Proud GOP Supporter

Decorated with an elephant or a picture of your favorite Republican President this grad cap will not only show off your pride in the GOP, but that you’re ready to take on the world with your brand new, shiny degree.

The Motivated Senior

We all know you worked hard to walk across that stage, so why not show the whole world that you’re truly motivated by your goals, and you have a great sense of humor.

The Faith First

Some verses have the power to get you through anything, so it’s perfectly appropriate to show what got you through the tough times of college. Whether it’s Jeremiah 29:11 or Ephesians 3:20, this cap is sure to be a hit.


The History Maker

You’re going big places, and going to do big things. It’s okay to show the world how excited you are to tackle all that it has to offer. Today is the perfect day to show off your passion to change the world.

The Mic-Dropper 

College campuses can seem to be very liberal these days, it almost seems like an accomplishment to come out on the other side as a conservative, but it can be done. If you survived college without becoming a liberal, this one is for you.

Corrie L
FFL Cabinet Member
Corrie is a Cabinet Member at FFL. She is passionate about coffee, Jesus, and lipstick, and never wears white after Labor Day. If she isn't busy talking about law school or FFL, you can find her studying constitutional law or reviewing a contract. Her plan A is Super Mom turned Supreme Court Justice, and she hopes to one day be just like Sandra Day O"Connor.

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