At 10:05 AM on October 9th, 2018, the social media universe collectively gasped when Jim VandeHei, the CEO and cofounder of Axios, tweeted a scoop that President Trump had accepted United Nation Ambassador Nikki Haley’s resignation.


Ambassador Haley was one of the most popular members of the Trump Administration. As stated in Aryssa’s post earlier today, “Nikki Haley leaves her position with an approval rating of 84% of Republicans, 55% of Democrats, and 63% of moderates.” Her seemingly sudden resignation shocked conservatives. Here’s just a few reactions from the Twitterverse this morning.

As I was reading this tweet, I received the first notification that Haley was resigning. It pretty much sums up my first reaction:


And my second reaction:



Not just College Republican Twitter, but ALL of young conservative Twitter reacted:

After the press conference with President Trump and Ambassador Haley ended, the tributes started pouring in, from conservative media to members of the administration:

And of course, I can’t forget Kimberly Corban’s tweet, because this speaks to us on so many levels:

Jillian K