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My dad has given me a lot of advice throughout my life. Like most girls growing up, I didn’t listen to as much of it as I probably should have. But one thing he told me that has stuck with me is that the easiest lie to tell someone is the one they want to hear.

No one wants to believe that their partner is cheating on them, so they believe the lie that they’re being faithful. When people want a lie to be true, they are less willing to look for holes in it.

The Democratic Party has mastered telling lies that people want to hear. The entire Democratic platform is built on planks of empty promises and false justifications. But it’s these promises and justifications that keep their constituents coming back to the polls. The Democratic party gets away with their lies because they’re lies that people want to hear.

Take abortion, for example. Democrats tell women that it’s empowering to have the option of abortion. They tell you its okay because that fetus inside you isn’t a baby, its just a clump of cells and that destroying that clump of cells is you taking control of your own body. This is a lie, but it’s a lie that women who don’t want a child want to hear.  

Having an abortion is not merely removing  a parasitic clump of cells from your body, it is ending a life. It is stopping a heartbeat separate from your own and denying a fundamental right, the right to life. This is a hard truth for many women to face, but it is the truth.

By  telling women that abortion is a valid option, Democrats are telling women that they don’t have to face the consequences of their actions.

Democrats tell us that people can’t be illegal. They tell immigrants that those of you who cross the border illegally are deserving of our sympathy. Democrats are deny the fact that these people broke a law and are deserving of retribution, not reward.

People who cross our border illegally have knowingly broken the law, but they are told by the Democratic party that they have done nothing wrong. US citizens are told that illegal immigrants make our country stronger and that it’s actually border patrol and ICE that threaten this country.

It’s obvious why illegal immigrants would buy into this lie. They committed a crime and are being told that they get to reap all of the benefits of their crime with no punishment. Legal citizens buy into this lie because they want to believe that they are helping innocent, oppressed people. They want to believe the lie.

This list of people the Democratic party has lied to could go on. Women, immigrants, minorities, students – basically, their entire constituency. The one thing that all of their lies have in common is that they’re lies that people want to hear. That’s how they get away with telling so many.

Democrats tell people that they don’t have to practice responsibility.

Democrats tell illegal immigrants they don’t have to face justice for their crime.

They tell students they can rely on taxpayers to pay for their education.

Meanwhile, Republicans are villainized for enforcing responsibility. If political parties were parents, Democrats would be the fun parent who buys their kids excessive toys and lets them eat ice cream for dinner while Republicans would be the responsible parent who makes their kids wear helmets and eat their vegetables. Republicans tell people what needs to be done and often times, it isn’t want they want to hear.

At the end of the day, politicians are politicians. No party is innocent from telling lies. It’s called politics for a reason. But I’d sooner trust a Republican who tells me I need to earn my own way than a Democrat telling me I can rely on them because if there’s one thing the Democratic party knows how to do, it’s play people.

Nicole D