Here at FFL, we’re a big fan of books, and we know that many of you all are too.  Last year, we did something special and put together a reading challenge, which you can find here, and we’re doing it again in 2018! We have put together an FFL Reading Challenge. There are 10 challenges that are customizable to every reader, though we’ve given you a few suggestions. The beauty of this challenge is the way it is unique to every reader. Whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, thick books or quick reads, this challenge can be for you. Think outside the box and challenge yourself to read at least ten books this year. We know you can do it.

These challenges are designed to help you grow as a reader, a conservative, and as a person in general. We’ve included some musts, like books about the first Republican president Abraham Lincoln, some self-help books, and a few throwbacks to history. We also want you to keep current, so read something published in 2018.  Use #FFLReadingChallenge to show us what you’re reading in 2018. Let us know when you complete the entire challenge.

A book by someone running in a 2018 election

A book about the first Republican president Abraham Lincoln

A book with America in the title

A celebrity memoir

A Goodreads Awards winner of 2017

A book published in 2018

A book with an animal in the title

A book about an American war

A classic written by a woman

A favorite from your childhood