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It’s almost time for a new semester. Sometimes cracking the books can be tough, especially with when you have a disruptive desk space. With these five tips, your study area or desk will be begging you to spend some time in your studies!

1) Keep the Area Clean

If the area of your desk is cluttered, it will be harder to focus during your studies. Keep your desk tidy and clean so you can focus on your notes and books instead of your dirty dishes from last night. Seeing a clean and organized space motivates me to get down to business.

2) Make it Your Own

Add small touches to your desk that make it your own. Whether it’s an FFL notepad, a cute mouse, or a motivational computer background, the small things will make your study space feel inviting and homey, making studying not such a chore.

3) Use Organizers

Nothing is more aggravating than spending half your study time searching for a specific paper, note, or file. Make use of desk organizers and folders in your computer to make your study time streamlined and focused.

4) Have a Motivation Board

Whenever I find a motivational quote I like on Pinterest or in my favorite magazine, I cut or print it out and post it on my motivation board right by my desk.. This allows me to look up whenever I’m feeling discouraged and instantly have more motivation to keep going. If you don’t have a bulletin board near you, just make a Pinterest board.

5) Have a Plan

Go into your study time with a plan. Separate your time into your priorities and keep to the task at hand. By having a plan, you’ll be less likely to waste your time on social media, and more likely to master your classes.

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