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We love seeing our fellow young conserative women making a difference and fighting for their voices to be heard. As a recent college graduate, Morgan Zegers is doing just that. She is currently running for the State Assembly in New York. Her campaign is all about preserving conservative values. She has a specific focus on creating jobs, lowering taxes, supporting New York agribusiness and protecting the Second Amendment. Morgan’s work focuses on community engagement, and she hopes to bring change to Albany. Her dedication to her community was recently recognized when she was named the 2018 Rising Star of Saratoga County, New York. After learning about her campaign and all the work she has done for the citizens of upstate New York, I reached out to her about featuring her here at FFL. As a reader of the site, Morgan was happy to encourage other young women to get involved politically. Her story and her campaign has certainly inspired me, and I’m sure she’ll inspire you too.

What change do you hope to bring to the New York State Assembly?

New York State has the worst state and local tax burden in the country and is one of the worst states to start a business, buy a home, and retire. I value opportunity, freedom, and the power of the American Dream, so the lack of opportunity for families in Upstate New York inspired me to step up as a candidate for State Assembly. As assemblywoman, I hope to bring a business and family-focused voice to the table by advocating for lower taxes, regulatory reform, and an education system that prepares my community’s children for the jobs of the future. I believe that when the local economy is successful, the local community thrives.

Young people often aren’t involved in politics, why are you seeking elective office at just 21 years old? What sets you apart?

I embrace my age because it is an asset in many ways. As a millennial assemblywoman, I will bring important perspectives to the law-making table: the perspective of a young New Yorker trying to build a private sector career in the local economy, the perspective of a New Yorker trying to afford a down-payment on her first home, the perspective of a future mother who will raise her children in the community and send them to a New York State public school… the list goes on.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned on the campaign trail thus far?

The power of listening. The best way I can help and represent each individual taxpayer, business, and industry in the district is to hear the stories of the people leading the way in their fields. Having an Open Ear policy helps me show the respect I have for the people in my district and establish the best way to move forward together for positive change.

What advice would you give to other young women who hope to get involved in politics one day? What is one piece of advice you wish someone else had told you before you decided to run for the Assembly?

My advice for anyone hoping to get into politics: be yourself. Being genuine and creating friendships with the people you meet every day makes a grassroots campaign successful. Being unique and open is an asset that I encourage all candidates to take advantage of. 

Receiving the 2018 Rising Star award from the New York State GOP for Saratoga County, pictured is State Senator George Amedore

What political figure do you most look up to and why?

The political figure I look up to most is South Dakota’s Rep. Kristi Noem. Her life story is inspiring, she has an exciting social media presence, and our rural districts are very similar. Her rural background encourages me to keep pushing forward to represent the unique issues of my rural community. Being able to keep up with her campaign for governor on social media has been extremely helpful, empowering, and inspiring to me as I go through my own (much smaller) campaign. 

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If you’d like to learn more about Morgan and her campaign for the State Assembly, visit her website here.

State Senator Jim Tedisco and Morgan Zegers after her kickoff speech in February 2018

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