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Longtime conservative Twitter users may remember the iconic “RepubGrlProbs” Twitter account that connected Republicans across America with its tongue in cheek and highly relatable content. Since founder Morgan Murtaugh retired the site, she has continued to make waves in the Republican Party. Not one to be silent about politics and her opinions, Murtaugh became a political commentator and anchor for One America News Network. However, she did not stop there. Murtaugh announced earlier this week that she had officially launched a congressional campaign. This endeavor has caught the attention of individuals on the left and right. From Twitter icon to potentially serving in Congress, here’s everything you need to know about Morgan Murtaugh’s road to Capitol Hill.

Where is she running?

Morgan Murtaugh is a “lifelong San Diegoan” running in California’s 53rd congressional district. She has been a bulwark in local politics, serving under different members of local legislature including La Mesa mayor, Art Madrid. Despite moving to the nation’s capital and gaining experience in D.C. politics, Murtaugh returned to her San Diego roots. She is currently is operating her campaign in her home region.

Against whom is she running?

According to Ballotpedia, the official list for primary candidates is not available until March 29th, 2018, so there is not yet a comprehensive list of the candidates Murtaugh will face. The primary is on June 5th. However, should Murtaugh continue to the general election, she would likely face the incumbent candidate, Democrat Susan Davis.

Congresswoman Davis has been a member of the House since her election in 2000. She initially served California’s 49th congressional district, however, she assumed office for the 53rd congressional district in 2003. This district has long been considered a “safe” district for Democrats. Before her congressional career, Davis participated in local politics, serving as a local Board of Education member and in the California State Assembly. In the House, she is a member of the Pro-Choice Caucus. In addition, Davis is a staunch supporter of a variety of different efforts concerning “women’s issues” including an Equal Rights Amendment and extending the Equal Pay Act.

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Is she experienced?

Murtaugh has had extensive experience in politics. Outside of her beginnings in the RepubGrlProbs Twitter empire, Murtaugh worked in local and national politics in diverse capacities. Following her involvement in local politics, she expanded her horizons and attended George Washington University in Washington D.C. She gained valuable exposure as a fellow at Young America’s Foundation National Journalism Program.

Since her return to San Diego, fellow conservatives may have seen Murtaugh on One America News Network as a political commentator and anchor.

Why is she running?

As with many in the current political climate, Murtaugh describes herself as “tired of career politicians who are only concerned about the next election.” She is running to combat one of the very individuals with whom she is frustrated. Her platform is founded in separating herself from these people who have staked their careers in the pockets of special interest groups. In her campaign video, she asserts: “I’m here to say enough is enough.” She wants to represent the people of California’s 53rd District, not the interests of others. Between her campaign video and her website, Murtaugh has portrayed her campaign to be a personal one. She claims to be running to represent her “friends, family and neighbors.” Murtaugh summarizes her campaign with one statement: “I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you because if elected, I’ll be sent to Washington to represent you and nothing else.”

Morgan Murtaugh is the youngest candidate for Congress at 25 years old. Her example is not to be understated; the Republican Party has suffered for far too long at the hands of dissenters who have branded the party as that of “old, white men.” Murtaugh is an up and coming face for the party; she is a self-described “dynamic” young woman, passionate about serving the people in her community and not herself. She defies the stereotypes the left has placed on GOP politicians. The need has never been greater to have young conservative women paving the way for female involvement in American politics. Morgan Murtaugh is an exciting candidate to take the challenge.

To learn more on how you can get involved with Murtaugh’s campaign, visit her website here.

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