You’re young. You’re smart. You’ve got your life planned out, a degree a few months away and so much business casual wear in your closet you could clothe an entire office staff. You’ve worked on countless campaigns from county commissioner to congressional seats. You were a Teen Republican, a College Republican and you’re a few years away from being a Young Republican. Your resume is impressive to say the least. You got it goin’ on. But you are not overqualified.

You are not above phone polling, door knocking, tabling, and sign waving – and not just on the day your candidate is coming to town or to the office. Don’t get caught up in that “_____ is below my pay grade” idea. Candidates themselves pound the pavement, even if it is just for a photo op.

I understand you may be bored with these mundane and everyday tasks but these are the small things that win elections. Sure you’ve been doing them for years.  Wear that as a badge of honor. You don’t even need that script anymore and you probably have converted a few Blue Dogs in your day. Use this momentum to gain support for your candidate.


The point in it all is this: don’t talk yourself out of a job. You’re young and you’re smart. Let your actions speak for your ability and drive, not your resume. Your willingness to serve will move you up on the list of trustworthy volunteers or staffers, and will have more important tasks being kicked your way as a result of your good work. Hard work for someone you believe in will pay off; whether it’s on election night or in advanced for the next election cycle. Either way, keeping yourself grounded and being willing to do anything for the good of your party will never yield a poor result.

So next time you start getting the #LOLNopes towards a task, remember #YoureNotOverqualified

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Madison D
FFL Contributor
She could talk politics with your Dad while cooking dinner with your Mom. Senior Senator stuck inside a Senior in high school body.