For Disney fans of all ages, 2019 is sure to be the best year in recent history. Between new movie releases like Captain Marvel and Artemis Fowl to sequels in a series like Avengers, Star Wars, and Toy Story, with some live action remakes in between, all Americans can expect to be glued to the big screen this year. Here are 5 of the most exciting movie releases awaiting us in the upcoming months:


The elephant we all loved growing up is returning to the big screen, and his ears appear to have gotten bigger since the original movie release in 1941. Dumbo’s oversized ears help him to save the circus but his endeavors end up unraveling some dark secrets about the circus itself. If you love elephants, gripping stories, and Disney’s new live action animation (which is so incredible, proven by Beauty and the Beast), mark your calendars for March 29!

Avengers: Endgame

If you are a Marvel fan and have been keeping up with the popular Avengers series, you’ve likely been counting the seconds until the upcoming addition to the journey hits screens on April 26. The end of the Avengers: Infinity Wars movie left fans speechless and hungry for more. We were eager to see how the newest villain, Thanos, continues his commitment to creating universal “peace” while truly instituting destruction.


Lovers of Prince Ali, Jasmine, and the hysterical genie unite–Aladdin returns this year, now in live action. One of Disney’s most popular movies of all time, Aladdin tells the age-old story of rags-to-riches and true love amidst travels through the desert and three wishes from a magical lamp. Hitch a magic carpet ride to the nearest movie theatre on May 24 and save a wish for extra popcorn!

Toy Story 4

There’s a snake in my boot. It’s telling me to run like the wind to see the latest in the Toy Story saga in theatres on June 21. When a new friend named Forky, a spork that was a craft-project-turned-toy, joins the gang, they embark on an adventure to discover the true meaning of toy-hood on an all-American road trip–to infinity and beyond!

The Lion King

Once again, Simba just can’t wait to be king, and I just can’t wait for July 19, when my favorite childhood movie returns to screens in live action! Disney’s choice to remake The Lion King with the realism of live-action was perhaps their best decision ever. Prepare to belt the lyrics to the Circle of Life and Hakuna Matata alongside every 20-something who loved this movie as a child. It is sure to be the highlight of the year!

Isabel B
Isabel is a Cabinet Member from the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado and is a proud CSU Ram. Next fall, Isabel will be attending Georgetown University to pursue her master's degree. She dreams of one day serving as the US President. She loves all things small government and second amendment, and is also a Turning Point USA Campus Coordinator and a proud member of PragerFORCE.