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As we celebrate our fathers and our grandfathers that we love so much, we can’t help but think how cool it would be if these politically savvy men could be our dad or grandpa…at least for a day. I went to Twitter to see who they would want and these were the most popular. 

1) Mitt Romney


Have you seen the part in the ‘Mitt’ documentary where he is sledding with his grandkids? Who wouldn’t want to go sledding with Mitt? I feel with certainty that every time the grandkids are coming over to the Romney house, Mitt and Ann stock the place with all of the junk food.


2) Rick Perry


Rick Perry comes off to me as that cool dad or grandpa who takes you fishing and duck hunting. Oh and ice cream.lots and lots of ice cream, because that’s his favorite and you know he’ll use you, the grand-kids, as an excuse to go.


3) George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush

Image: Handout photo of former Presidents Bush, (L) and H.W. Bush delivering remarks to the crew during a ceremony aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush in the Atlantic Ocean

If you’re a fan of the Bush family you know that they LOVE their sports. 41 and 43 are always throwing out the opening pitch at Rangers games and you know they’d be the dad/grandpa who surprises you with going to sporting events all of the time.


4) John F. Kennedy


JFK no doubt would be that grandpa or father who you could always find dressed to the 9’s just for a stroll around the block. Of course he’d also out for the day on the Cape. Although this would be the grandparent or parent you don’t see eye to eye with politically, you don’t let that get in the way of your relationship.


5) Bernie Sanders


Now I know what you’re thinking, A conservative girl wants Bernie as her grandpa, what?! There are many reasons grandparents are so great and we can’t deny that one of those reasons is because the showering of gifts. Bernie would be the best grandparent because he’s all about giving you everything FO FREE. It is a win-win. It would make him so happy and consequentially you would be happy with the outcome.

But of course the best grandfathers and fathers that we all have are our own so be sure to spoil them this Father’s Day!


Andrea R
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Andrea is a Catholic University of America grad with an unhealthy obsession with politics, wine, and who is fluent in sarcasm & sass. In her spare time she can be found invading liberal safe spaces on Twitter.

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