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Being a college freshman can be super fun, but very overwhelming at the same time. Getting involved on campus is one of the best ways to ease that overwhelming feeling. in fact, it is an awesome way to meet new people all over campus! Here are some awesome ways to get involved in the conservative movement right off the bat in college.

Join a conservative group on campus (or start one!)

With many center right groups on college campuses at your fingertips, joining a group is an awesome way to connect with students from not just your campus, but from students all over the country! From College Republicans to Turning Point USA to YAF, you will be able to meet students with similar values as you. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, you will also be able to attend conferences that are hosted all over the country. 

Write articles for companies around the country

This one goes out to all my fellow writers out there! There are so many amazing companies that are always looking for contributors that will write articles for them. The best part about this too is that you are usually able to do this from anywhere in the country, including your college dorm. You will be able to share your ideas and values in your own words and grow as a writer.  The experience will also be able to be connected with companies and people from around the country. Some of the big companies that have student contributors are Future Female Leaders, Campus Reform, and Lone Conservative.

Attend conferences around the country

If you love to travel, this one will be perfect for you! Many organizations hold conferences around the country every year that are tailored specifically for students or young adults. Many of these conferences are held in Washington D.C. but they also are held in Dallas, West Palm Beach, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, and countless other places. One conference that will be amazing to attend is CPAC. This event, hosted by the American Conservative Union, is held annually in Washington D.C.. This particular conference has a variety of different speakers ranging from President Donald Trump to Laura Ingraham. 

Join Prager University’s PragerFORCE

PragerU is an awesome organization that focuses on educating students and young adults on conservative values and principles. They have a wide variety of guests as well that appear in their five-minute long videos that are well-educated on the topic at hand. These guest share their expertise on the subject. As a member of PragerFORCE, you will be required to share these videos on your social media platforms and help to spread PragerU’s message. In addition to that, you will also have the opportunity to join a variety of different committees that are each focused on a different goal. Some of these committees include: the Writers Squad, the Administrative Committee, and the Digital Squad. If you feel like you don’t have time to join a committee, you are still able to join PragerFORCE and share their videos each week. 

Volunteer or intern for a local campaign

Mid-term elections are coming up. There are countless campaigns that love to have college and high school students on their team. Most are also fully aware that you are a student and can be very flexible with you schedule as well. Working on a campaign can be an amazing way to get your foot into the political world. You can also get a taste on whether you think it is something you would want to do post-graduation. In addition to that, campaign work can be super fun and a great way to see how different campaigns work. You’ll also be able to meet a ton of different people who are within your age group which is a great way to meet new friends and work on those networking skills.

 Whether you want to just want to contribute an hour of your time a week to the movement or help out multiple times a week, you’ll still be able to get an awesome foot in the door to the conservative movement and you’ll be able to be a part of something amazing.

Elise is a Political Science student at Arizona State with dreams to go to law school and be the next Elle Woods. You can find her watching Fox News, online shopping, or drinking an absurd amount coffee while talking about conservative values and Ronald Reagan.