Image Credits: IcyTales

We all know that on college campuses, the opinions of liberals are loud and clear. The Left’s agenda is constantly being pushed on college students. Cases of left-wing indoctrination are reported on a daily basis. When it comes to sharing conservative views on campus, liberal students won’t have it. College campuses are an incubator for victims these days, it seems.  It’s almost like some college students sit and think of things they can be offended about.  In case you don’t believe us, we have found seven ridiculous stories to prove our point.

1. Bring a conservative speaker to campus


 This past February, Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative journalist, gave a speech at Rutgers University. Students were so appalled by the idea of a speaker offering an opposing view, they took it upon themselves to disrupt the event by smearing fake blood on their faces and chanting. Afterwards, students felt that the speech made them feel “unsafe,” prompting Rutgers University to hold a group counseling session for them. One of the protesters even said, “If a speaker makes someone feel unsafe or uncomfortable, then they should not come to campus.” Liberals often say that others need to be more open and accepting. Ironically, these protesters proved themselves to be irrationally intolerant of ideas that differ from their own.

2. Write “Trump 2016” with sidewalk chalk


Recently at Emory University, some students wrote “Trump 2016” in chalk on campus. Emory University students claimed to feel offended and unsafe by the chalk.  They began protesting. That’s right, they protested chalk writings. A similar instance occurred at the University of Michigan where students called the police because Trump’s name was written in chalk. Furthermore, at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, a student government leader wrote pro-Trump signs in chalk and students pressured her into resigning from her position. Recently at my own school, UNC Wilmington, some pro-Trump chalk messages were written on campus. Within just a few hours, every single one was crossed out and replaced with phrases such as, “Feel The Bern.” Who knew sidewalk chalk could cause such an uproar.

3. Play “American Sniper” on campus


Both the University of Michigan and the University of Maryland planned to play the movie, “American Sniper” on campus. At both universities, the screenings were cancelled after students complained that the movie “dehumanizes Muslims” and “perpetuates the spread of Islamophobia.” It is important to note that while there are Muslim terrorists in this film, the film also shows innocent Muslim civilians who are also being killed by terrorists. Despite what the students at these campuses said, American Sniper is not “anti-Islamic.” There is a tremendous difference between being anti-Islamic and anti-terrorism.

4. Serve chicken “wrong”


Even chicken is offensive these days. Students were upset with school’s lack of fried chicken, the General Tso’s chicken being steamed instead of fried, and the “disrespect” that came from sushi not being fresh. If this isn’t a prime example of college students searching for ways to be offended, I’m not sure what is.

5. Offer a yoga class


Last November, the Student Federation at the University of Ottawa apparently had a war on yoga.  The university decided that their yoga classes offered by the Centre for Students with Disabilities were not inclusive enough. According to the group, offering the yoga class was a form of “cultural appropriation.” The yoga class was cancelled. These students were so absorbed with political correctness, they thought it would be a good idea to ban a yoga class for disabled students. Fortunately, the class started up again in January. The Student Federation, however, only decided to bring the yoga class back after replacing the previous yoga instructor.  They replaced the instructor with an Indian yoga instructor who had been certified in yoga for less than a year. I guess these hypersensitive students thought that the white yoga instructor who had taught the class for seven years was not good enough, because of her skin color. Despite trying to become more inclusive, this selfish and racist act by the Student Federation at the University of Ottawa did just the opposite.

6. Be a white person with dreadlocks


Recently at San Francisco State University, an African-American woman harassed a white man for having dreadlocks.  Apparently, dreadlocks are only allowed in her culture, not his. She proceeded to block him from going up the stairs.  She even pulled on his arm – after he asked her to stop touching him. Race is not a determining factor for which hairstyles are acceptable and which hairstyles or not.

And the most cringe-worthy of all…

7. Have a moment of silence for 9/11


At the University of Minnesota, the student government voted against a moment of silence in remembrance of 9/11. The students thought the moment of silence would offend Muslims and spread Islamophobia. The purpose of the moment of silence was to honor those who died.  It was not meant to spark fear in Muslims.   Remembering a tragedy is certainly not the same as saying all Muslims are bad. We know that the vast majority of Muslims are kind people who do not condone terrorism. As I stated previously, being anti-Islam and anti-terrorism are not the same concepts.