College can be scary, especially if you are moving out on your own, whether or not it is into the dorms or your own apartment. We’ve all read about the nice things we should have such as an extra fuzzy pillow, blanket, a coffee maker, and your favorite mug. These are all musts, don’t get me wrong, but the following list are things that I never knew I needed until I moved out. These are items that I definitely took for granted laying around my parents house until one day I was in need of these items.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is a must, whether or not you are moving into a college dorm, your first apartment, or your first house. You never know if you or one of your roommates will need a bandage so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


I never realized how much I needed a hammer and screwdrivers until I moved out. Just a small toolkit will do the job. This also includes things such as duct tape, command hook strips, and tape measures.

Cleaning supplies

This is an obvious one, but even if you are in a college dorm don’t forget about the clorox wipes and windex. Clorox wipes are a must to regularly wipe down any door handles and surfaces, especially during flu season on a college campus.

Lint roller

Trust me, you will need one.

Extension cords

They will become your best friend. Tip: Use heavy-duty double sided tape to stick the extension cord on the side of your bed, fridge, or any flat surface to make things more organized and easier to access.

Water Filter

Not all universities or cities will have the best tasting water and it is something worth investing in. Staying hydrated is also a must!


If you don’t already take vitamins, now might be a good time. This will help you keep your immune system up and it is something I highly recommend. Going to a new school exposes you to all new germs, especially if it is out of your hometown.

Small Sewing Kit

You never know when you will need to patch up a small hole or sew on a button to your favorite t-shirt.

Plastic Baggies/ Containers

Living in the dorms, you may not realize you need some type of plastic baggies but they are great for packing up a snack and taking it to class or to study.


At some point, you will be rummaging through drawers looking for extra batteries. A school project might come up where you need some or you might find a cute electronic decoration that needs some to bring it to life. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to have some extras.

Sienna K