At some point during our college careers, we all think about taking an online class, whether it is for a full semester, a summer session, or a minimester. Online classes can be a blessing to our busy schedules. Often, we expect online classes to be an easy A and more laid back than a lecture class would be. Although online classes can be easier, there can be more difficult than you think. If you do not prepare well, that easy A could turn into a B or even a C. Here are some crucial do’s and dont’s for taking online classes:

Do read the syllabus.

Usually before or on the first day of class, your online professor will send out the syllabus in an email or on ecampus/blackboard. Make sure to read the syllabus in it’s entirety. Know what is expected. There might be more work than you originally planned for. It is important to mentally prepare yourself before getting half way through the class and realizing you should have worked harder.

Don’t assume it is going to be a piece of cake.

I made the mistake of assuming one of my online classes would be my “blow off class” and I was wrong. It turned out to be the second to hardest class I was taking that semester. This was all because I did not take it seriously until after the second exam. Take time to study and give attention to your online class because it can be extremely difficult, and sometimes even more difficult because it is online.

Do Get the textbook if it’s required.  

If your online class requires a textbook, I highly recommend getting it. If professors require a textbook, in my experience, it is most likely because they are going to be pulling exam or quiz questions from that text. By reading the textbook for your class, it could be the easy A you expected in the beginning.

Don’t google the answers.

Although there are quizlets floating around with exam and quiz questions for some online classes, in the end it won’t benefit you. I know it’s to save yourself the pain of studying, but most tests will be timed and some won’t let you leave the window for too long,causing it to come back and bite you. It is far more rewarding to do the work and earn that A, than to cheat and not learn anything.

Do look ahead if possible.

Some classes will let you see the material for every day or week ahead of time. If so, if your schedule allows, you can work ahead of schedule. I recommend looking ahead for due dates, papers, and projects. Additionally, if you have extra time or a slow week, you can work ahead and you will be less stressed in the end. For my minimester, I took an online dance appreciation class and it was two weeks long. However, since I had some free time, I did work ahead of time and finished the class earlier than required. It all depends on your schedule and how much you want do throughout the duration of the class.

Don’t procrastinate.

It can be easy to forget to complete your online class work because of your hectic schedule. However, by putting off your online class work, you are adding unnecessary stress to your daily life. Try to schedule time in your day to sit down and do what you need to for your online class. If your online class is your easy class, it will benefit you to get that work out of the way so you can focus on your more difficult classes.

Jamie Lynn
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