Do you ever sit in your college classroom and dream about being a neurosurgeon? Or a life coach? Or an astronaut? A hair dresser? A real estate agent? Do you ever decide against pursuing a career simply because you don’t know the path to the end, don’t know anyone who does it who can offer insight?

Stop what you’re doing and explore the Masters at Work Series then, because no matter your interest, they’ve got a book for you.

The Masters at Work series is a series of books being published throughout the next year about how to entertain certain professions written by people who have done it and succeeded.

“These essential guides impart practical knowledge about the risks and rewards of our dream jobs. This is the best virtual internship you’ll ever have. Discover what leading practitioners actually do every day. Here is the job as it is performed, not as it is taught,” the website writes.

So, what kind of jobs are we talking? Let’s take a look at some of the Masters of Work books coming out soon.

You can seriously be whatever you want to be, and these books are proof. But they’re also an ideal read for anyone interested in these paths that might need a real world take on the highs and lows of the profession. The hours? The pay? The strain on a family? It’s just as important as the benefits and happiness.

Becoming a Venture Capitalist (Masters at Work)

Becoming a Neurosurgeon (Masters at Work)

Becoming a Life Coach (Masters at Work)

Becoming an Ethical Hacker (Masters at Work)

Becoming an Architect (Masters at Work)

Becoming a Hairstylist (Masters at Work)

Becoming a Marine Biologist (Masters at Work)

Becoming a Private Investigator (Masters at Work)

Becoming a Yoga Instructor (Masters at Work)

Becoming a Curator (Masters at Work)

Becoming a Real Estate Agent (Masters at Work)

Becoming a Veterinarian (Masters at Work)

What career will you explore through Masters at Work? Is there something you’ve always dreamed of doing, but haven’t had a chance to dabble in yet? Something you want to know more about being committing to the degree?

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member