Your Ultimate Fourth of July Style Guide


I don’t know about you, but I have enough red, white, and blue to last the entire year. Sadly, the Fourth of July only comes around once a year and that means I will be planning my outfit(s) for the day well in advance. No judgment for people like myself [...]

Your Ultimate Fourth of July Style Guide2019-06-24T15:25:03-04:00

5 Pro-Choice Arguments I’m Tired of Hearing


With the passage of several heartbeat bills, pro-choicers have once again come out of the woodwork to support their right to choose. From what I have personally seen on social media, pro-choicers tend to outline several of the same arguments as an excuse for why abortion should be made accessible [...]

5 Pro-Choice Arguments I’m Tired of Hearing2019-05-21T15:49:14-04:00

A Definitive Ranking Of The Jonas Brothers’ Best Songs


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that the Jonas Brothers released their new song “Sucker.” With the revitalization of the Jo Bros, I’ve decided to rank their top 15 songs. Through this ranking, we can all relive our childhood memories and discover a new song to jam [...]

A Definitive Ranking Of The Jonas Brothers’ Best Songs2019-03-17T11:28:43-04:00

5 Myths About Vaccines Debunked


Following an outbreak of measles in the Pacific Northwest, exemption policies for vaccinations will likely become even more of a “hot topic” in the political realm. However, that is a discussion for a different day. My hope is that encouraging immunization against easily preventable diseases would gain bipartisan support. Below [...]

5 Myths About Vaccines Debunked2019-02-11T12:49:06-04:00

How My Liberal College Campus Has Made Me More Conservative


From the moment that I stepped foot on campus, I knew that UNC was the place for me. However, from tearing down confederate statues to political bias in grading, UNC has proved to be a progressive campus. I was told time and time again that UNC would “turn me into [...]

How My Liberal College Campus Has Made Me More Conservative2019-01-18T12:21:04-04:00

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