Image Credits: Jonas Brothers / Republic Records

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that the Jonas Brothers released their new song “Sucker.” With the revitalization of the Jo Bros, I’ve decided to rank their top 15 songs. Through this ranking, we can all relive our childhood memories and discover a new song to jam to. I promise that I haven’t included any songs from Jonas LA because let’s be honest, that doesn’t count.

#15: Before the Storm (feat. Miley Cyrus)

What’s not to love about a Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus collab? Four minutes and twenty-six seconds of our childhood dreams coming to fruition.

#14: World War III

This is a good pump up song with a fun beat. Probably one of the better songs from the Lines, Vines, and Trying Times album.

#13: S.O.S.

I bet you were expecting this to be higher on the list, weren’t you? This is definitely a classic, but not the very best of the Jonas Brothers. Maybe I’ve just heard this song one too many times to rank it higher than #13.

#12: Lovebug

Whenever I was listening to this new CD in my mom’s minivan, I used to always request that we skip this song. However, it has grown on me over time. I probably ranked it #12 because I was afraid of the amount of hate mail I’d receive if I left it off of the list.

#11: A Little Bit Longer

This song can get a bit repetitive but it’s still a great song for a good cry. (Listen to #1 to help you get over your good cry)

#10: Paranoid

This is by far the best song from the Lines, Vines, and Trying Times album. It’s a great mix between pump up but not extreme.

#9: That’s Just The Way We Roll

“We are wild. We are free… But that’s just the way we roll.” We love freedom am I right ladies?

#8: Sucker

The song you have been waiting for! This was a nice refresher and has the typical Jonas Brothers sound. I really appreciate that the wives were included in the music video.

#7: Year 3000

If I had to recite song lyrics from a single song to save my life, I would probably choose this one. I will gladly scream this song from the rooftops with anyone who is interested–a true classic. Thank goodness the Jonas Brothers released a new song before the Year 3000.

#6: Burnin’ Up

“High heels. Red dress.” Enough said.

#5: Hello Beautiful

This is the sweetest Jonas Brothers song of all time. I’ll 10/10 play this as a slow throwback song at my wedding.

#4: Tonight

Enough of the sappy song, this one is upbeat and is probably the most appropriate for the gym.

#3: Play My Music

Where are my Camp Rock girls at? I will never deny the chemistry between Demi and Joe. If This is Me had less Demi and more Jonas Brothers, I probably would have ranked it #1.

#2: Hold On

This song is similar to Tonight, but it is a bit more classic as it is on the original Jonas Brothers album.

#1: Video Girl

I’m guessing that you might not even know this song because it’s pretty unpopular. However, it’s still my favorite! “Know it’s bad when your mama doesn’t like her.” Change “her” to “him” and you’ve got some great advice straight from the Jonas Brothers.

If you were hoping for a ranking of the actual Jonas Brothers… not to offend all the Nick girls, but I’m #TeamJoe for life. I’ve listened to enough Jonas Brothers songs in the last week that they’ll probably be my top artist at the end of the year on my Spotify Wrapped 2019. It’s time to officially bring the Jonas Brothers back!