Christmas is quickly approaching, and the hardest person on your list to buy for just might be your Republican boyfriend. No matter how much time you spend together or how much you know about him, figuring out the perfect gift can always be a challenge. Don’t worry, we have you covered with 8 gifts that will be perfect for your Republican man.

  1. Tickets

Whether he is into sports, music, or museums, tickets are a great Christmas gift. Not only is it a gift that lasts more than the minutes of Christmas, it is also an opportunity to show that you care about his interests and maybe even share an interest that you have in common. If you are on a budget, most sporting events and even some concerts have higher up or corner seats that are significantly more affordable than you might think. 

  1. Shoes or sneakers

A quality pair of dress shoes or sneakers is certain to be a gift that will keep on giving. A good pair of shoes can last for years and will be a great gift that is sure to get used. Not to mention, quality shoes or sneakers may be something that your man doesn’t prioritize spending money on – so spend it for him. Don’t forget a gift receipt in case the sizing is off to ensure the use of your gift.

  1. Cuff-links and ties

Whether Republican-themed or plain and versatile, a good pair of cuff-links or a quality tie are a great gift for a college student or young professional. Whether applying for graduate school, internships, or his first job, your boyfriend is sure to appreciate a fresh set of cuff-links or a tie to class up his look.

  1. Wallet

Everyone should have a well-made, good-sized wallet. Whether leather, canvas, or cloth, a new wallet is certain to be a gift that will get plenty of use. Especially if your boyfriend has an overstuffed wallet that’s sure to fall apart at any minute, he will definitely appreciate this gift.

  1. Watch

Another great gift for a college student or young professional, a watch makes it easy to keep track of time before moving onto the next part of his busy day. Not only that, but a watch is key to telling time without dealing with the hassle of checking one’s phone in a professional setting, like work. Finally, if he’s the kind of guy who’s always late, hopefully the watch will give him a hint.

  1. Good conservative reads

There is no shortage of great conservative books out there, by authors like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Marco Rubio, and many others. A good book is great to pass the time and you could even get the same book for yourself so you can read the book and talk about it together. That’s a gift that goes beyond Christmas day.

  1. Movies

Even though Netflix is king and it often seems like DVDs are out of style, head to your closest mall or department store and check out the DVD section. Odds are, there are plenty of great movies that your boyfriend loves that aren’t on Netflix. After a very stressful election season, everyone needs a good movie to kick back and relax.

  1. FFL apparel

What list would be complete without a shoutout to our awesome FFL Men’s Apparel section? From tanks to sweatshirts to the aforementioned ties, FFL has something for everyone. Check it out for great conservative apparel for your guy. 

Cat B
FFL Contributor