In a world full of pantsuits and solid gray wardrobes, it can be intimidating to step outside the box. But adding a twist to your professional wardrobe, if tastefully done, can help you stand out in a good way. The four women on this list, aside from being incredibly successful, have managed to find a balance between practical and unique in their wardrobe. Whether it’s through colorful patterns or chic accessories these women stand out for their style as much as they do for their professional achievements.

Ivanka Trump

As a senior advisor to President Trump and successful business woman, Ivanka has not only proven her capability in the political sphere but has also made a name for herself in fashion. Although she recently announced her plan to close down her clothing line, her years spent working in the fashion industry, both as a designer and a model, have translated into her everyday wardrobe.

If I had to sum up Ivanka’s style in one word, it would be chic. Fashion-forward and elegant, Ivanka’s wardrobe consists of a lot of neutrals and pastels with some pops of bolder color here and there. She often incorporates subtle patterns and textures and typically keeps jewelry minimalistic.

Want this look for yourself? Here are a couple examples of Ivanka-inspired outfits:

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Sarah Sanders

If you take fashion advice from Cher and some of her other more outlandish Hollywood counterparts you’d probably be surprised to see Sanders on this list. While her “sister wife” style may not fit in with some of the more eccentric ensembles in Hollywood, as White House Press Secretary, Sanders dresses appropriately to act as the spokesperson for the president.

Classic and modest describes Sanders’ style. If you’re a fan of shift dresses, you’ll like Sanders’ wardrobe. She sports an array of shift dresses, often in muted and modest colors however she does add pops of color here and there. Sanders adds a twist to this classic silhouette with subtle patterns and textures. And of course, she always rocks a classic pearl necklace.

Want this look for yourself? Here are some examples of outfits you can style your wardrobe after:

Kellyanne Conway

Conway rose to prominence while serving as a senior advisor on Trump’s presidential campaign. As the first woman to ever manage a Republican presidential campaign, and to do so successfully, Conway has proven herself a role model for young professional women everywhere.

Conway’s wardrobe is just as impressive as her professional success. Always polished and classic, many of Conway’s ensembles look as though she is channeling Jackie O. She sets herself apart by incorporating bold colors with classic cuts to create a timeless yet modern style.

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Want this look for yourself? Here is an example of Conway’s style:

Ainsley Earhardt

Born and raised in the south, it’s no surprise that Earhardt made this list – us southern ladies know how to dress. As a successful broadcast journalist this aptitude for style is especially important – Earhardt’s job as co-host on Fox and Friends requires that she look presentable. But she goes above and beyond just looking presentable and stands out among her colleagues not only for her natural charisma and talent but also for her wardrobe.

If you’re someone who loves bright colors, then you’ll love Earhardt’s closet. Modern and fun, Earhardt combines simple, streamline silhouettes with vibrant colors. Perfect to brighten your day early in the morning.

Want this look for your yourself? Here are a couple examples of outfits you might find Earhardt sporting on Fox and Friends:

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