Wedding season has come upon us yet again. Deciphering all of the dress codes can be one giant hassle, and makes finding the perfect outfit that much more difficult. So, if you’re attending a wedding this wedding season and have no idea what to wear, have no fear, your outfit guide is here.

Casual wedding

The least formal of all weddings, this dress code means you get to pull out your favorite sun dress and sandals. Opt for something comfortable, yet classy, that you can dance all night in.

Semi formal wedding

Semi formal weddings are a step up, so they call for a cocktail dress and cute pumps. Since this dress code is pretty forgiving, you can get away with nearly any cocktail dress or jumpsuit that makes you feel your best as long as you pair it with great accessories.

Beach formal wedding

Beach formal is a class all its own. Sundresses and sandals are the perfect option since you’ll most likely be outside on a beach or under a tent. Flowy dresses that allow a lot of movement and can keep you cool will be your best bet when you see this dress code on the invitation.

Formal wedding

Formal weddings require a more muted, subtle outfit. Opt for either a cocktail dress in a dark, neutral color, or a long dress. Be careful to follow etiquette when selecting a long gown and go for a color other than white. For formal weddings, darker colors are usually best since they are mostly held in the evening.

Black tie wedding

Black tie is one of the most formal wedding dress codes. These weddings call for long dresses in dark neutral colors almost exclusively, and since they’re usually at night you might even want to add a wrap to your outfit in case you get cold. More dramatic makeup and accessories are also appropriate for this dress code, within reason.

If the invitation doesn’t have a dress code, ask someone close to the bride and groom what their take on the atmosphere of the wedding is. If all else fails, morning weddings are usually on the casual side, and as the day gets later the dress code becomes more formal.

Remember, the most important part of the day is the love between the bride and groom, no matter the dress code.

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