As Christmas is upon us, holiday shopping has commenced. Perhaps there is a young woman in your life that you are struggling to shop for. She may be your daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece or your best friend and you are struggling for an idea that will make her smile when she unwraps it.

If there is a young girl in your life who is fresh out of college, fresh out of her internships, has just recently landed her first job, or recently begun her first ‘real job’, here are a few gifts that are sure to light up her Christmas, and really help her in the new year.

1) Travel thermos

For many young people, we don’t function well until we have at least one cup of coffee in us. A sturdy travel thermos, so she can fuel up on the commute to work, whether it be a drive or a train ride, can have her ready to get to work when she arrives at the office. FFL has a great selection of travel mugs for you to choose from that the special girl in your life will love. If she isn’t a coffee drinker, she can use it to transport water, hot tea or whatever her favorite drink is.

2) Planner

A planner is essential for keeping tracking of meetings, events, to attends, assignments given to her, and for making to do lists, etc. As a busy professional with a lot to juggle, a planner is essential for keeping track of everything. It will save her from dropping the ball or getting things mixed up when it matters most, which could prove to be life saving.

3) Gift card to an eatery close to her office

Going out to eat is expensive, especially if you make a habit out of it. Learning to meal prep and cook healthy food to prepare for the week ahead is important. That being said, sometimes prepping food for the week ahead with the added pressure of settling into a new office can be overwhelming. Find out what eateries are close to her office and get a a gift card for lunch on a busy day. When she hasn’t had time to cook, this can be a huge blessing.

4) An extra charger

An extra charger for her phone or other device that she can plug in at her desk and just keep there is more beneficial than you may think. That way she doesn’t have to worry about taking her charger back and forth to work or remembering to take it with her to the office and back home every day. Also, wrapping up a charger every day for transporting back and forth puts additional wear and tear on the cord, causing it to wear out faster.

5) A professional looking work bag

Every girl needs a good sturdy work bag that is functional and professional, to carry all her essentials in. A good bag needs to be big enough to carry her laptop, planner and other essentials on a daily basis. Black is a good color as it doesn’t show dirt and goes with most everything.

Choose from one of these options and that young professional on your list is sure to love their gift this Christmas. Not only will she love it, she’ll be off to a great start in the new year!

Katie Z