College campuses nowadays can be a petri dish for liberal thought. It seems as though you cannot turn a corner without seeing some left-wing propaganda pinned up to a bulletin board, or take a class where the professor does not spew out liberal rhetoric. There are, however, ways to find your own niche. One that is, let’s say, a little more right. Here are 3 simple ways to do so:

1) Join a club:

Your advisor will be the first one to tell you to join a club because it will look good on your resume. Getting involved, however, is more than just a couple of lines on a sheet you will hand in with a job application. Joining a club can connect you to others who think like you throughout your campus. Join groups that tend to be more conservative in nature such as Students for Life, YAF, YAL, Turning Point USA, College Republicans, etc. Not only will this assist you in your search for fellow conservatives, but you will have the chance to make connections that could impact the rest of your life.

2) Start a club:

If you go to a small school, or an overtly liberal school, it can be difficult to find some of the aforementioned student organizations. Just because you may not have a specific group on your campus, does not mean you cannot start your own. If your school lacks conservative groups, do not be afraid to build one! Not only does it connect you with fellow conservatives, but you will have the chance to organize on your campus and change the liberal state of your school. These organizations will make sure to be with you throughout every step of starting a campus (or high school) chapter. This makes the whole process so much easier and less intimidating. Many other groups, though, will also be more than happy to assist you in starting a chapter. If you do decide to start a conservative group at your school, be sure to apply for FFL’s Campus Group Affiliate Program. You can receive customized FFL gear, organize events, and even have FFL speak on your campus! To learn more about this awesome program, click here.

3) Stand up to the status quo:

It can be intimidating and rather frustrating hearing your liberal professor drone on and on, and as conservative students we should not have to succumb to this on a daily basis. Point is: do not be afraid to speak out. It might be terrifying and even tiring to be the only voice of reason in your class, but I promise that you are not alone. There will be at least one other student who agrees with your point of view even if he or she remains silent. I have heard countless stories of people that decided to speak out in class, and have had other students approach them afterwards to express gratitude. While it is important to remember to always be composed and respectful in these situations, it is a great way to both get your thoughts out there and connect you with like-minded individuals.

Even though it can be difficult to find those like-minded peers, it is not impossible. Most times students do not bother doing so because it can seem like a daunting task. I’m here to tell you that while it can be nerve-wracking to stray from the crowd, it is totally worth it.