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Everyone wants to be employed, but that’s a lot easier said than done. Finding an internship, especially as a college student, is much easier though. What is a girl to do when you’ve landed an internship you love and you’re looking for a permanent job in the company? How do you turn an internship, paid or otherwise, into a real job, with a paycheck and a benefits package?

1. Don’t be a mediocre intern

This seems like common knowledge, but it needs to be said. Just because you didn’t burn the building down, doesn’t mean you deserve a salary. There is a thin line between being an intern and being a good intern. A lot of interns want to get a job at their company after their internships.  There likely aren’t enough openings for every single intern who’s looking. The type of intern that is going to get the position is the one who impressed their staff. If you were an okay intern, or one who didn’t ruin everything, you’re less likely to get a job than if you were an intern who went above and beyond the call of duty. Set the tone for your own future by saying no to mediocrity and slaying the intern game. The staff will think much more highly of you.

2. Make yourself indispensable

So often, interns take up a lot of space and don’t provide a lot of value. While you may have good intentions, many offices don’t know how to handle their interns or give them work that benefits both the office and the intern. Do your best to find a way to make your indispensable in the office.  Whether that means making the coffee before everyone else gets in, doing the reading that no one else has the time for, or showing off a skill that you have and no one else does. The intern that gets hired is the intern that they need for the office to keep running smoothly. If you make yourself not only useful but indispensable during your summer internship, they’ll realize that they need to keep you around in the full.

3. Make it clear what you are after

While you may be the best intern, your office may not even know that you are interested in pursuing a position with the company. Not every intern stays with the family, so if you are interested, make that clear. If you’re a good, indispensable intern who actually wants to stay with the company, you will be appreciated.  You have a high chance of being selected for a job.  Don’t leave your employer in the dark about your post-graduate plans. Don’t walk in on the first day of your internship stating that you want to be their boss by the end of the summer, but it is okay to express interest in staying within the company.

4. Know what niche you’ll fill

It is so much easier to get any job if you know why you are the perfect person for that job. Coming into a company as an intern gives you the chance to get to know the different positions within the company. When you’re looking for a more permanent job you need to have a specific role in mind. Whether you’re interested in communications, publicity, legislation, or research, keep your ear to the proverbial door.  Find what niche your company is looking to fill and tailor yourself to fit it. Don’t lie or exaggerate, but highlight the skills you already possess that would make you perfect for the position. If they are looking to fill the position of a communications director, get familiar with the communication department, publicity, social media, etc.  When you make your case for the position, they will see that you’re not only qualified, but you’ve done the work to make yourself the right fit for the job.

We all panic about becoming real adults with real jobs and responsibilities.  Here at FFL we’re trying to make it a little bit easier and more fun. Stay tuned for more career based articles to help you land the job of your dream.

Aryssa D
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