With the holiday season upon us, now begins the time for frantic searching and fumbling to try and find the perfect gifts for your loved ones…right? Nope! FFL has got you covered for everyone in your life. Also, when you shop FFL, you’re not only supporting a small business, you’re helping us to spread conservatism to women nationwide. Here is your ultimate guide for everyone in your life.

For the conservative politico:

This long-sleeved shirt will keep you warm and comfy all winter long! Conservatives live by the principle of keeping government small, and this shirt is the perfect reminder for someone to “Keep Your Dreams Big and Your Government Small.” Buy it here.

This top is perfect for your favorite politico who isn’t afraid to speak their mind. This is a great gift for that friend that is always out there spreading the conservative message and their values. Buy it here.

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For the girl boss:

Every girl boss needs powerful, conservative women to look up to, and all of these women fit the bill. This sweatshirt features Carly Fiorina, Nikki Haley, Margaret Thatcher, and Condoleezza Rice who are all fearless and powerful girl bosses that we can all aspire to be more like. Buy it here.

This print is perfect for the girl boss who needs some inspiration in the office. These prints come in a number of different colors and styles, and there’s a quote that’s perfect for your favorite girl boss. Buy it here.

For the one who works 9-5:

Coffee is a must for anyone who is out there making an impact on the world. Equip them will all the tools they need. This coffee mug will give them the boost of energy they need, and it will remind them to keep hustling and chasing their dreams. Buy it here.

Note-taking is a lot more fun with a cute notebook to write in. Give the gift of productivity and motivation with FFL’s collection of notebooks and binders that will make the perfect addition to any desk or office. Buy it here.

For the TV junkie:

These socks are perfect for anyone who loves watching the news and keeping up with everything political. They’re cute, comfy, and show your love for politics. Buy it here.

Need the perfect gift for that friend that you can spend hours on the couch with watching your favorite shows? These socks are perfect for those casual weekends, and they show off your love for your favorite shows! Buy it here.

For your preppy friend:

Every girl loves jewelry, and FFL has got you covered! This bow bangle is the perfect feminine touch for any outfit, and it comes in a multitude of colors, so you’ll be sure to find her favorite! Buy it here.

Every girl loves a monogram, and this long-sleeve is perfect! You can customize the color of the shirt and the color of the monogram. This makes the perfect, unique gift that was made just for her! Buy it here.

For the classy female Republican in your life:

This is the perfect sweatshirt for a casual girls night. This sweatshirt is classy and sassy, and will be sure to garner lots of compliments! Buy it here.

This necklace is a must have. It comes in silver or gold. Buy it here.

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For the male Republican:

This book is amazing for any Republican. It includes recipes for drinks named after the Republican presidents. It shares real stories about the GOP presidents imbibing while also sharing their favorite drinks. Buy it here.

This best selling koozie is perfect for tailgating or a night out at the bar. Buy it here.

Joleen T
FFL Contributor
Joleen is a Contributor at FFL. She enjoys reading, going to Chipotle, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. You can find her at the library, or studying for the LSAT. Her goal is to become a lawyer, and eventually run for public office. Her role models are Nikki Haley and Sandra Day O’Connor.

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