Image Credits: Style Your Senses

Whether you love or hate Christmas shopping, we all have at least one person in our lives who we dread shopping for. If you are considering burning all your bridges with family and friends to avoid this abominable gift giving, put down that torch. Here are ten crowd-pleasing gifts to give even your most difficult loved ones this Christmas.  

1) Your time

Spend a day doing activities with them, rather than thinking of a present you can give to them. If they are into nature, go for a hike. If they like to work out, take a self-defense class together. There are many things you can do together for little or no money, which is a plus for broke college students everywhere.

2) A useful membership

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Opt for a membership your loved ones will use. This could be a membership to the newest yoga studio in town, a local art or history museum, or everyone’s favorite: Netflix.

3) Something handmade

Remember when you were in middle school, and your mom fell in love with every single art project you brought home? Good, channel that creativity. Handmade gifts are teeming with sentimental value, which are perfect for Christmas gifts. A heartfelt note or painting are sure to make your loved ones’ eyes well with sentiment.

4) The universal symbol of love – food

Everyone must eat, so if you cannot figure out what to get someone this Christmas, you can never go wrong with food. You could try baking something from scratch, but if time is a constraint for you, there are oodles of tasty mail order treats you could send.

5) Pamper time

People rarely get massages or spa treatments for themselves, so treat them to just that. Alternate pampering: if they have kids, offer to babysit for a whole day.

6) A gift basket

Fill a basket with items related to a hobby of theirs, something you know they will use. If they like movies, buy a couple DVDs, snacks, and a fuzzy blanket. Are they into sports? Get them tickets to a game and some gear from their favorite team. If they like music, maybe get a poster of their favorite band, concert tickets, or a good pair of headphones.

7) Make a donation in their name

No one will turn down the gift of a good deed in their name, as it is the gift that keeps on giving. Make sure you choose a charity or organization that you know they like or support, as it will mean much more.

8) Something personalized

An engraved piece of art or monogrammed jewelry is certain to bring a smile to anyone’s face, as it has such a personal touch. If you are reading this and thinking “Nice try, I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” – have no fear. There are plenty of stores and online services that can help you create the perfect personalized gift.

9) An exquisite piece of art

A piece of art that your loved ones can hang in their homes will be a constant reminder of your special relationship, making it a great gift to give this Christmas. Check out your local antique or secondhand store.  You might be pleasantly surprised with the number of unique pieces of art you find.
10) If you have made it all the way down here and still have no idea what to do, get a gift card and call it a day.

Miranda C