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Following the August resignation of now former Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price, for improper use of taxpayer funds for travel, the Trump Administration has been working to bring forth a nominee that will easily garner support from Republicans and will work within the department to ensure the implementation of a new healthcare bill when it is passed.

In what is becoming his signature way of announcing news, President Trump tweeted out the nomination earlier this week.

Here are 4 things to know about the nominee, Alex Azar

He served in HHS under George W. Bush’s Administration

Alex Azar worked in the department from 2001 to 2007, serving as the General Counsel before becoming the Deputy Secretary. This prior experience in the vast array of responsibilities the department has will greatly aid him upon confirmation into the position.

His most recent position was President of Eli Lilly

Prior to leaving the position earlier this year, Azar worked for the U.S branch of the pharmaceutical company, which is causing some Democrats to raise concern on how he would respond to a new healthcare law pushed by Republicans since he is in charge of the department that must implement it.

He has a law background

Following his graduation from Dartmouth College, he attended Yale Law School. Azar then served as a clerk for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Antoin Scalia before entering private practice. This background will be helpful as he navigates the Affordable Care Act reform and future legislation regarding his department.

He has garnered support from many different groups

Since the announcement of the nomination, Azar has gained support from colleagues and acquaintance, including former HHS Secretary, Mark Leavitt, with whom he served with as Deputy Secretary during the Bush Administration, “he’s precise, highly motivated, he has high standards for performance for himself and for other people. He had full responsibility as deputy secretary for the regulatory processes at HHS.”

The next step for Alex Azar will be the confirmation hearing in the Senate which has yet to be scheduled.

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