Summer break. The time of year you look forward to all spring semester. The only problem is, there is not much to do – unless you are working or taking summer classes. This is where volunteer work comes in. Volunteering is a critical part of a community, so why not spend your summer doing something to better society? Here are four easy ways to start volunteering.

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Work at a summer camp

Most summer camps are seriously lacking volunteers, and they are always looking for more. While this may not sound very fun to some, to others it can be a great way to connect with people and mentor young children. If you adore kids and love having fun, this can be a great opportunity for you.

Help out at your local Special Olympics summer games

These kids love and appreciate us, so why not give them that same feeling of love? Even if you don’t know that much about sports, you can still help in little ways, such as getting water or encouraging on the sidelines. The Special Olympics is a place where these kids can feel worthy and needed, so why not add to that and make a kid’s day?

Helping out at your local Humane Society

Playing with kittens and puppies…while getting volunteer hours? What’s not to love about that? Humane societies have a growing need for volunteers to play with the animals while they are waiting for adoption. Animals, especially young ones, need time to play with people. If you love animals, this may be the volunteer opportunity for you.

Volunteer at a nursing home

Many times, all that the nursing home residents want is someone to talk to and who will listen to them. Learning their stories can also be incredibly rewarding, as it can teach you important life lessons. Nursing home work is an amazing way to learn about history, the importance of hard work, and just how worthwhile listening to your elders can be. More often than not, they have fantastic advice that they want so desperately to pass on.

There are so many ways to volunteer, especially during the summer. Special Olympics, summer camps, Humane Societies, and nursing homes, just to name a few. There is no shortage of need for volunteers, so why not help out while you have a little time?