We’re less than a month out from the 2018 midterm elections and sometimes it still feels like 2016 was yesterday, but the Democrats are already gearing up for a 2020 challenge to President Donald Trump, who will be running for a second term unless something drastic happens in the next two years. Trump has said that he will run with Pence as his running mate once again, but who will they face off against? The Democrats will likely face the same problem that Republicans did in 2016 and have a plentiful field. As of now, only a few have truly signaled their intent to run while others are facing serious rumors they’ll hit the campaign trail. I won’t include celebrities and CEOs on this list because you can never truly know their intentions, but never discount the possibility of a Mark Zuckerberg/Howard Schultz/Oprah Winfrey campaign.

Here are five Democrats that are already showing major signs of running in 2020.

Richard Ojeda

Ojeda, a Democrat who ran for Congress in West Virginia, and lost, have officially launched his 2020 presidential campaign, though he isn’t getting a lot of traction. He’s made the rounds on news shows, but we all know how they’re panting and waiting for Beto. Ojeda serves in the West Virginia State Senate. In his first rally in Louisville, Kentucky, Ojeda promised to fight for the working class and never take corporate money. He also supports Medicare for All and the complete legalization of marijuana. We’ll see how his upcoming rallies go.

Eric Swalwell

California Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell has strongly indicated his interest in running against Donald Trump in 2020, though he has avoided the exact verbage that would commit him to the race. Swalwell is young, only 38, but he is a frequent face on CNN and MSNBC and a strong critic of Trump. He’s been visiting Iowa recently, which we all know is a major indicator of a run. An announcement could come early in 2019, because Swalwell has said “The message I’ve received loud and clear is that the country is embracing new leadership. I’m encouraged by that. Now it’s just a matter of meeting with people and talking it through with my wife and family over the holidays.”

Kirsten Gillibrand

New York Demcoratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has always faced rumors of a run for higher office, but 2020 may be her year. She just won re-election to a six-year term, but that hasn’t stopped candidates in the past. She’s currently thinking about a 2020 run, according to her. When asked about a potential president campaign, Gillibrand responded, “I believe it is a moral question for me, and I believe in right versus wrong, and until this election I actually thought that wrong was winning.” She went on to say, “as I’ve traveled across my state, across the country for all these candidates, I’ve seen the hatred and the division that President Trump has put out into our country and it has called me to fight as hard as I possibly can to restore the moral compass of this country.” Sure sounds like she is running to me.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris has been getting presidential buzz since she first joined the Senate. She’s traveled to Iowa back in October, and she has a book coming out in January of 2019, which is a huge presidential flag. Back in July, when asked about running in 2020, she said she’s “not ruling it out” which is pretty close to “absolutely” in the world of politics. 

Michael Bloomberg

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has often been floated as a presidential candidate, but 2020 may be his year. Bloomberg has been in the news a lot lately, mostly for a record $1.8 billion donation to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University. Bloomberg, who is a bit older than the others on this list at 76, says to expect an announcement from him in early 2019. ““That’s when you really gotta sit down, talk to your advisers and say, ‘Look, do I have a chance?’ I think I know why I would want to run. I think I know what I think this country should do and what I would do. But I just don’t know whether it’s possible,” he said following his October registration as an official Democrat.

Aryssa D
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