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Halloween is just around the corner, which means it is time to start coming up with a costume. Whether you’re a teacher, a college student, a working professional or have plans at the bar that night, you want a costume that both you and others will enjoy, have a laugh at, or talk about for months to come. “Remember that Halloween you went as the human embodiment of the GOP?” my friends still say four years later. Sometimes, we all get busy and simply throw something together from our closet and call it a costume, but if you want to commit to getting political this Halloween without donning a Trump mask or a Hillary Clinton pantsuit, check out these options.

Lady Liberty

These costumes are pretty easy to find, but if you happen to have patina-colored clothes laying around too, more power to you.

Fake News

Buy online or DIY it, but make sure you highlight that NIkki Haley curtains article as fake news!

Snowflake/Liberal College Student

Who doesn’t love a good laugh at the expense of your college campus? DIY this one to fit your needs, whether you want to mock those upset by clapping or those protesting free speech.

A Supreme Court Justice

“Donald Trump won because of the Supreme Court,” says everyone ever. The Supreme Court is politically charged right now, but throw on a big black robe, grab a gavel, and have a ball.

The Chick-Fil-A Cow

It wouldn’t be a Halloween list without an animal option. Terrify the liberals with your conservative chicken, and have a reason to carry nuggets everywhere you go.

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